Dionysus Boots: Yes or No?

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Rock goddess or naff, expensive mistake

  1. OMG those are dream boots that will rock the world, the price will be forgotten soon enough

  2. Are you kidding me? How Much? Just walk away from the boots PT or be sensible and stick to black

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  1. #1 Apr 24, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2016
    I want these pre-fall boots, am I crazy?

    They come lots of colours and variations and they're all fairly expensive but I thought - just go for gold, the statement boot :graucho:

    They aren't competing with any other planned purchases but I'll prob have to wait a month or 2 because of some far more boring bills

    I have plenty of boots of all kinds but mostly black (couple of dark green, brown and tan). I just got rid of 2 pairs of boots I'd never worn from years ago, one pair too too high and the other moto boots a size too small. I'd like to think I'd wear these 12 times a year.

    I'd be wearing denim culottes or midi dresses/skirts for (special occasion) day or eve but also floaty culottes. I can't see these working with anything short but possibly just over knee flared/straight/pencil (?)

    The buckle is crystal
    Heel height 2.5"
    Not sure of the price in Euro or pounds but almost $1.7K

    Vote and tell me why :flowers:
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  2. I'm not sure how I feel about the color. But the price is ridiculous!
  3. Very 70's esque. I think if you can style them and feel happy about it why not! Besides, they're glorious to look at. If you can get several outfits out of it, why not? Very bold.
  4. Yes! These make a statement. Not for everyone, but I can definitely see you pulling these off papertiger. About 2 years ago I passed on some MbMJ (totally different price point), gold booties. I still regret this!
  5. Because of past experience I always expect less bright/light/shine IRL than the brightly lit photos suggest.

    There are others colours including plain black but part of the draw is the transformative power of a pair of gold boots to go from day to eve in 5 mins

    The price is ridiculous! :biggrin:

    Thanks Ems, my thinking too


    Sorry about the MbMJ boots. My 'regrets' are usually the things that slipped through my fingers but so are expensive mistakes
  6. Wow! Just wow! 😱😄😱

    My biggest regrets are when I didn't buy the wow item.

    My biggest happy moments are wearing the wow items I was brave enough to buy. And I tend to reach for those more often than I thought I would when I made the purchase.

    I would wear these with monochromatic outfits. Black skinny jeans and a black sweater come to mind. But also all white would be fab. Or all red. Or all pink. Or...

    Honestly? I would manufacture reasons to wear these boots.

    My only moment of pause would be the cost. I haven't paid $2k for shoes / boots and likely never will. But if the price point doesn't make you flinch, go for it!!!
  7. Thanks Sparkletastic

    I absolutely love them but although the price is not the highest I've ever paid for footwear it's right up there with Hermes fur-lined box-leather boots and bespoke shoes I had made. Even my python boots were not as expensive

    The deal will be made over whether or not these boots make me look and feel like a million dollars, so the real price will feel like a bargain in comparison :graucho:
  8. I say go for it! The only reason I won't buy is I have a son going to college this Fall! [emoji12][emoji122][emoji122][emoji122]
  9. Go for it!!! They're gorgeous.
    I had to have the Valentino Carmen boots a while back, crazy expensive, and I don't regret it for a second.
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  10. Totally understandable, priorities. That's even more exciting :cool:

    That's actually very reassuring :hugs:
  11. These boots look fantastic! And to be honest: I prefer being on the conservative side with my bag, but a statement boot is right up my alley :biggrin:
  12. These are absolutely stunning! I love them and I particularly like that they seem so easily wearable - practical heel and all!!

    They are, however, quite the investment....so, what would be the cost per wear? Even over, say 3 years?

    I recently purchased a pair of Prada heels, pointy toe and chunky heel...and what made me commit was how powerful I felt when I strutted around in them and it simply isn't possible to put a price on that...

    So. In conclusion - follow your passion....

    I didn't really help much, did I? [emoji13]

    E x
  13. Sorry I voted these down before I thought about it much. I don't care for them but we are all different so,

    Yes you should get them PT! You love them and you can afford them so why not?:winkiss:
  14. I hear ya :yes: For me it's one or the other depending on the outfit.

    I bet you are having a wonderful time at Gucci lately, I am seeing so many 'possibilities' in the shoe dept

    ITA on all, I think it all depends on how I feel in them at the end of the day

    Cost per wear may get lower once I've worn them for 10 years :biggrin:

    I asked for people's opinions so I'm totally happy for your honesty. Of course at the end of the day we follow our own heart and make sure things work with our existing wardrobes (and check bank statements ;) )
  15. I am all for statement pieces, but personally I find that shade of gold to be a bit brassy for me. IRL it might look different, but voting on the pic I would pass. I also think that these would be hard to wear in the daytime. With that said, I am sure a somebody with killer fashion sense would be able to rock this look and make me change my vote. lol!

    As for the price, it is in line with Chanel and LV, perhaps less than many of their boots so if you love it who cares about cost!
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