dio gaucho black - please help soon?

  1. I'm incredibly fickle. Just recently I bought an LV Tulum GM, but now I'm thinking I might be happier with a Dior Gaucho - they are around the same price. I love the Tulum, but I feel weird wearing such a large monogram bag...it feels ostentatious or something.

    I checked eLUX and found the Gaucho I want, but they only have it in brown. I love brown, but if I could find it in black or a dark chocolate brown, I would fall head over heels. :love: I did a quick Google search and couldn't find it...so I thought I'd come here and ask the experts. I know it exists in black, but I'm not sure about the dark brown. Where can I find it? I'm leery of eBay, I'd prefer to buy retail if possible.

    There's a bit of a time crunch on this, I just have a few more days before my return deadline on the Tulum if I'm going to.

    Also, if anyone has this Gaucho Medium Saddle Bag in black...do you love it? Not love it? Why or why not?

    TIA! :flowers:
    dior gaucho.jpg
  2. The Neiman Marcus at teh Northpark Mall in Dallas, TX had a lot of stock yesterday, I remember seeing a GORGEOUS new bronzy color, a pearly beige and a few white ones. I *think* there was also brown. I'm sure they didn't have everything out of display, you should call them. It's just past 11am here now, so they're open.
  3. That was quick - thank you!

    The bronzy color is also on eLux, but is $300 more.

    Interesting...I just did an online chat with a CS rep at Neiman's, and he said they are only available online - now I may need to call my local store! Of course, online it's on backorder until November...
  4. They had bronzy ones at my NM in San Diego too. I wonder why they said that. They also had black, white, some other colors as of last weekend. The medium size Gaucho is the most functional. Good luck!
  5. Weird. I called my NM here in Atlanta and the SA said they don't stock Dior here, but that I should try the Dallas or LA stores. I can't imagine Atlanta isn't upscale enough to support Dior...I wonder why some NMs carry them and others don't?

    I called Saks here and the SA said they sold their last black one today! :Push: They don't have brown either, but may be find it in red. I like red, so it's worth a look - I'll probably head over there this afternoon. It's across the street from the LV store anyway, where I need to go to return the Tulum. Even if they don't have the right color, it will be worth it to see the Gaucho in person - and I can call the NMs in Dallas and San Diego if I need to.

    I'm all about functional...I haven't seen the different sizes, but it looks like the medium would be the right size for me.
  6. Hi!I have a Gaucho(double saddle but look at its dimensions:they are equal to the medium,it's just deeper),so there are photos,you can watch if the size is what you are looking for.I wish I could be helpfull.Sorry for my bad english,I'm french!:shame:
    IMG_1128.JPG IMG_1132.JPG
  7. You should call the NM I mentioned, maybe online/phone only shows stock of what's in the warehouse as opposed to what's in their stores, it'd be a pain for them to have to transfer it to the warehouse and then send it to the customer. . . just guessing.
    I prefer the Med as well. The double is too big IMO, I tried both sizes on again yesterday and the Med was just perfect!

    I don't think some stores aren't upscale enough. . . around here, all the NM's carry something different, the Northpark one is the only one w/ Dior, none carry Balenciaga and only 2 out of the 4 here carry Chanel.
    Just depends on the market I guess?
  8. Great photos and very helpful - thank you! The black is really gorgeous - somehow it manages to be classy and badass at the same time.
    Your english is fine...and I love your boots :love:
  9. Thanks Hippiechic,they are from ASH,do you know that brand?
    About Dior:differents sizes are:
    little Gaucho:25X17X8 cm(approx 9,8X7,7X3,14 inches)
    Gaucho tote or single saddle:36X24X7cm(14,17X9,44X2,75")
    Gaucho double saddle:36X25X14cm(14,17X9,84X5,51")
    In Paris,for customer's relationship the phone number is (...)0140737373,they may help you.
    About colors:red(a dark red),black,2 brown(s?):one is a chocolate brown,the other is olive brown(khaki),blue, white,metallic silver,metallic gold.It exists with fabric(jean)+leather,its price is lawer,python or crocodile(the price is...higher!)
    There are some posts about Gaucho,you should find some photos(commentaries about the khaki are pretty good)
    I hope you'll find the bag of your dreams Vuitton or Dior...or perhaps another designer!!!:flowers:
  10. Hi, I have the red large one and I absolutly love it! The black looks good too (love the pics). At first I was undecided about getting the gaucho. Then undecided about the color, black or red. Everyone was so helpful on PF and voted mostly for the red. I got the red and I was like...what was I thinking, I'm so glad I purchased it and so glad I got it in red. :heart:
  11. Oh, I purchased my gaucho from NM catalog. Because I received a card in the mail from NM catalog for being a best customer indicating I can get 15% off any purchase for my birthday.

    FYI: NM has a different buyer for online and a different buyer for catalog. Of course each store has their own buyer. I'm in Atlanta too. NM SA told me that in the near future they are expanding and remodeling. Whenever I want to ask any questions re Dior, I call their Coral Gables, Miami, store. They are so helpful. Well all NM SA are helpful and friendly.
  12. I just received my red medium gaucho today and I love it! In my opinion, it's not too big, and not too small. Its just right for everyday use :yes: Hope my picture helped! (I'm 5"4')
  13. Nice...I saw the red yesterday in the double size, and it's really pretty.

    Are you a lefty too? I carry my bag on the same side and wondered if the Gaucho would look odd on that side, but it looks awesome on you. Thank you so much for the photo!
  14. I'm not a gaucho fan. It's too westerny for me.
  15. I went over to the Dior boutique in Saks yesterday and the SA (Kelli) was incredibly nice and helpful. All they had in the medium single size was white and the bronze color (I think eLUX calls it metallic silver). The white was really nice, and I'd have gotten it in a second for spring, but not for fall. The bronze was gorgeous - I put all my stuff in it and wore it around the boutique for a little while, and it is indeed a great size and shape for me. But my fiance (and excellent fashion consultant) pointed out that it might not wear well over the longterm, and I had to agree. If I'm going to pay that much for a handbag, I want to be able to wear it for a long time!

    In the other sizes and shapes they had the dark chocolate brown, the blue, and the red. I don't mind the size of the double, but the way it's constructed seems like it would be hard to get stuff in and out of. I love blue, but I wasn't wild about that one. The SA said the black was almost impossible to get right now, but the red or brown might be available somewhere in their system. I tried both on in the double size, and my fiance voted for the red, but I ended up asking the SA to see if she can find the dark brown for me. I wear a lot of greens and pinks/purples, and I'm afraid the red wouldn't look so great next to that, but the dark brown would be gorgeous.

    Kelli said she would try to find me a medium single in the dark brown at one of their other stores, and would beg and plead if she had to, in order to get me one. Because of the holiday, she said the earliest they could probably ship would be Tuesday, but that's OK. So think good thoughts and keep your fingers crossed for me?

    If she can't find it, my next stop will definitely be NM. Thank you all so much for the suggestions!

    As a side note, I realized that for some reason I'd never been to Saks before...and now I can't figure out why. It was handbag heaven in there! Boutiques for Dior, LV (very well stocked), Chanel, and Prada, plus lots of Fendi, Chloe, Marc Jacobs, YSL, Kooba - everything! I saw and touched the Spy and the Muse in person for the first time. Now I know where to go!