Dino's LV Collection

  1. Hi everyone!

    I finally had some time to take pictures of my small Louis Vuitton collection. Here are the items in the pictures:

    • Damier Keepall 55 with strap
    • Damier Geant Aventurier in Sable
    • Damier Geant Messager in Terre
    • Damier Geant Speeding Sneakers in Terre
    • Zephyr Sneakers in Canvas and Calf Leather
    • Conspiration GM Sunglasses in Silver (with Landscape lenses)
    • Damier Agenda PM
    • Damier 6CC Billfold
    • Geometric V Keyring in Blue
    • Antigua Pochette Plate GM in Havana Brown
    Hope you like it :tup:

    img0193au0.jpg img0194dd8.jpg img0195uy9.jpg img0196jc9.jpg
  2. Nice collection.
  3. very nice, love all the shoes!
  4. Very nice collection. :smile:
  5. Great collection!
  6. nice collection. thanks for sharing :tup:
  7. Thanks for sharing!:tup:
  8. Very nice collection! Love the shoes.
  9. LOVEEE your Keepall and the shoes, thanks for sharing!
  10. Very nice- love the bags and Zephyr sneakers!
  11. Great LV collection.
  12. look the daimer keepall. i should get one too!
  13. You finally posted a pic of your collection! It all looks great- especially the Zephyr sneakers!
  14. Very nice & practical! Thanks for sharing!!:tup:
  15. Thanks everyone. I might add some new items to my collection soon ;)