Dinners Done

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  1. We went to a dinner party tonight and one of the guests was telling us about this place.
    You choose entrees from the menu of the month, this month the entrees included Salmon Caddy Ganty, Shrimp with Coconut-Orange sauce, and Sesame Ginger Steak, plus more. You go in to the shop and pack up your ingredients and you can customize you entrees to you family’s likes and dislikes (e.g., you don't have to add onions to the recipe if someone in you family doesn't like onions). You take your chosen entrées home and pop them into your freezer until you’re ready for them them cook according to marked labels on each entrée. We can get 12 dinners to feed 6 for $197.00.and you can pack them is any amount you like for 2 people or 4 people etc. If you’ve tried this type of thing how did it work out for you I’d really like your feed back.
  2. Oh interesting, I bet they're very balanced as well since you can control portions per meal. Unfortunately, there's nothing like that here. It sounds kind of like those meal delivery services that celebrities use !