Dinner/salsa dancing date next week and what to wear??

  1. OK girls, it's true. After a few months since my big breakup last June I'm getting out there again and just starting to date.

    What to wear? I've got a mid weeknight dinner and salsa dancing date with a very distinguished mid 50-something (hehehe). My first thought, since I'm coming from work would be to wear:

    - black cashmere t-shirt
    - Vince black wool shrug over the t-shirt (looks great, btw)
    - black dress slacks
    - either my Tory Burch black patent flats with the leopard print calfhair instep or Tory Burch platform boots with the gold trim on the platform. Actually either of those shoes would be great for dancing.
    - Lori Bonn jewelry...bronzey semi-precious stone earrings
    - my incredible Michele watch
    - ...and, switch from my work bag to my black Chloe paddy clutch.

    But I wonder if that's not good for dancing...is it too covered up? I did try on some Vince sweater dresses tonight that were amazing with the ruching just under the bustline but they were just a little more form fitting than I'm used to lately as I wear slacks so much.

    Any other ideas? As far as salsa dancing, I'm a total newb so that will be fun :jammin::upsidedown:
  2. That sounds REALLY fun, yay I'm super excited for you :yahoo: As for the clothes, I don't know for salsa... maybe if you took a picture of you wearing the outfit? You can always crop your head off if you don't want us to see (though I'm sure you look fab :nuts:) :p

    But a sweater dress could be really nice too... haahhh I don't know sorry I know I'm not helping much :rolleyes:
  3. Oooh, salsa dancing is fun!
    If I went salsa dancing, I would probably wear a dress of some sort, and decently comfy shoes.
  4. Oh thanks! I think the sweater dress would be really cute but not too revealing if I just plopped on some black SPANX tights and black boots.

    I'm really torn b/c I don't wear a lot of super revealing clothes in general, this is a first date, plus the weather is getting colder. Oh well I will figure out something and may post pics here for you guys to help me!!

    Now, time to book a manicure...
  5. Sounds fun!
    I had my salsa and dinner date at Red Maple, Downtown Baltimore with my DH, it was such a great thing to do!

    Definitely dresses; show the peek-a-boo legs when you turn. I won't recommend slacks on dates as they have a little less "lady" effect. Men dig skirts BTW!

    Either the Tory Burch black patent flats or Tory Burch platform boots with the gold trim on the platform (as long as they are NOT over 2.5", at least that is what the instructor told me) is cool.

    I go for dresses, dresses, dresses!!!! ;)
    Good luck with the date!
  6. i went on a salsa dancing date on wednesday! yay! i'd say DEFINATELY wear a dress, preferably something cocktail length and swingy. if you're looking for something that can go from work to date, maybe a jersey wrap dress? that way, you could wear something (sweater, shrug, etc.) over it at work and then take that off when you go dancing. i wore flats to go dancing because i'm medically unable to wear heels, but definately wear something with a heel if you can because heels give you the posture that a woman is supposed to have while salsa dancing. good luck! you deserve a good date!
  7. Yup, I also vote for a swingy dress and some low heels. If you really get into it, salsa dancing can get hot (temperaturewise). So definitely have some sort of wrap/shrug and then maybe even a coat if it is very cold outside.

    Hope you have fun!
  8. As much time as I spend in the dance studio with ballet and jazz classes, I know nothing about Salsa (except what I see on Dancing with the Stars...which looks like a whole lot of fun!).

    Your outfit sounds perfect. It seems like it would be easy to move around in. You must have an amazing closet! I can't imagine being able to walk into mine and come out with a pulled-together look like you have.

    Have lots of fun and tell us everything!
  9. When you Salsa, wear heels!
  10. A swingy dress
  11. I'd recommend a flowy dress.
  12. Oooh, thank you again everyone! This is sooo last minute I just don't have time to go shopping and get something altered. ITA a dress is ideal for salsa dancing and I wanna look like a WOMAN and not just like I've come from the office, KWIM?

    So, shopping in my closet....yikes any dresses I have that are flowy are very S/S. Hmmm, come to think of it I DO have a betsey johnson dress that is about 3 years old...lemme post pics just a moment!!
  13. OK guys, here's the one dress possibility that is not too summery. I honestly would not have thought of this if it wasn't for your opinions...thanks!

    So here's the dress. It's a betsey johnson bias cut silk with puff sleeves, faux wrap front, a small tie sash and a very cute asymetrical hem but not too exaggerated.

    What I love:
    bias cut silk skims over my body
    it's BLACK so not too summery
    very fun and flirty!
    Swingy for dancing!
    I can wear it with my black patent heels and my black paddy clutch and I feel great and anchored with dark accessories!

    What I don't like:
    the silk is tight under my arms...pitting out, plus I'm self conscious my triceps need more work at the gym.
    it's a little too revealing honestly for a first date especially if we're dancing...I just don't normally show cleavage right away, LOL.
    Is it dated? 2004?? I don't know :girlsigh:

    Any honest opinions are appreciated!
    Betsey Dress 001.jpg Betsey Dress 002.jpg
  14. ^^Nice and maybe pair it up with a tiny sweater or a shawl. Oh and wear heels too. There's nothing sexier than dancing in dress/skirt and heels!
  15. ^^ oh thank you, wantmore! Yes, absolutely, black patent heels with this dress and I will have a black wrap or something to go with it!