Dinner Options Poll for NYC Spring Meet-Up

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Which Option?

  1. Pricey

  2. Moderately Pricey

  3. Excellent Deal for Quality of Food

  4. Bargain Basement

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. For those of you interested in dinner out we have a number of options and price points to choose from and need to have a sense of what you are prepared to spend. Please vote ONLY if you are intending to join us for dinner, as we want to make sure that the majority of those actually attending are represented.

    Be sure to note that the less expensive choices mean taking a cab downtown or to Brooklyn. You could take the subway, of course, but as we assume people will be dressing up and in CLs, I don’t advise it.

    ***None of the prices quoted include gratuity and taxes***

    Pricey: One of two iconic NYC restaurants (Russian Tea Room, 21 Club) for about 180. – 200. per person for 3 course meals, not including cocktails and wine. Easy to get to.

    Moderately Pricey: One of several highly regarded restaurants (Danielle, Aureole) for about 85 per person, not including cocktails and wine. Easy to get to.

    Excellent Deal for Quality of Food: These options would require a cab ride to TriBeCa or Williamsburg, Brooklyn (both about the same fare). Several possibilities, all offering great food at a fraction of the price you’d pay in midtown. Estimate is 60 – 80 per person.

    Bargain Basement: China Town! There are a number of good places that will accommodate a large group. 35 – 45 per person, max. Would require a cab ride.
  2. I don't know. These little meetups seem so glamorous. I wouldn't be opposed to the Russian Tea room, but it depends on what the other girls say.
  3. can we only choose one? I would prefer the middle two, but I'd be fine with any of them.

    edit: actually I like the first one, too. whatever you ladies decide is fine with me. I speak Cantonese, so if it's Chinatown, I can help out if you need :smile:
  4. i will most likely be going, hopefully the date will work out for me...

    but i am opposed to spending $180-200 for dinner when that could be money towards a pair of Louboutins...

    my preference would be places downtown, tribeca, east village, soho, west village... i would rather not go to brooklyn...

    there are places with a private room where we can rent out the whole private room, have hors d'oeuvres, +/- open bar, with a certain minimum... which would end up like $50-80 per person depending on whether we do open bar or not

    i think this would be better than a sit-down dinner, because if a HUGE group comes, it will be better to just mingle around and stuff, rather than sit in one place...

    i have some ideas idests, if you need help with coordinating this...
  5. I like the idea of going to dinner but I think that Carlinha's suggestion of renting out a private room in a nice restaurant would be much more fun and likely cheaper than a sit down dinner. I have some suggestions as well that I'll post on FB.
  6. I like this option. :tup:
  7. carlinha, feel free to PM me with ideas-- we can compare notes! :smile:

    I have a lot of options, many of which include a private room, and just wanted to get the price range out and voted on before narrowing anything down.
  8. I really hope you can go, carlinha! I'm going to try to make it out this time :yes:

    as for your idea... for those that don't drink (including me :shame:smile:, how would that work?
  9. Please PM to alert me if you post options on FB-- I don't always think to look there and I've volunteered to coordinate this. Thanks! ;)
  10. I meant to answer this before... and then got sidetracked. I'm asking for a single choice so we can try to get as close to what people are comfortable with in terms of price as possible.
  11. i really hope it will be a day that i can make it also!!!

    if there are people that don't drink, we can just make it hors d'oeuvres, and then pay per drink.... as long as we make the minimum of the room, which i'm pretty sure we will if it is a big group...
  12. I dont care, I love to eat, so bring it on! lol
  13. I'm down for whatever.

    Thanks Idests
  14. If you're looking for more moderately priced restaurants that are good and not downtown or brooklyn let me know. i know plenty of places on the upper west and upper east sides. the choices don't have to be so far away.
  15. or what Carlinha said.