Dinner for 4 ....a new reveal!

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  1. Hi girls, I'm a newbie, so please be gentle!
    From Bal Harbour to Palm Beach, a dream trip became reality! My darling
    DH gave me the Hermes Birthday of my "life" Now girls, please be
    patient while I upload my pics (my first time to do this) Here we go
  2. welcome pamella!
    live reveal, yippee.
  3. :nuts: Live one!!
  4. yay, live one!!!
  5. sounds exciting!
  6. OOh, the message said my pics are too big. I have to find out how to
    resize them.
  7. Welcome!!! love to see you new goods..
  8. try shrinkpictures.com
    i use that site and am very happy.
  9. If this is any help... email them from your computer to yourself using the "fast download " option ... download to desktop and they will be resized. Use manage attachments and choose file from the downloaded pics ! Hope this makes sense ..but i have done this successfully.
  10. Oh, that darn "pictures are too big" problem. At least I haven't missed anything, as this sounds like a most promising one.
  11. thank you girls for being so patient and thank you mou mou, I am trying to email
    them to myself as you suggested right now. Please hang in !
  12. :party::party: we'll get the party started while we wait for your pics~~
  13. Yay! Got back to my office and computer in time for a live reveal!!
  14. Wow, a live one at 3.45am here, while I woke up for my migraine pill :smile:
  15. If you have Windows, you can open pics in Paint, click on Image, then resize down, and save. .. check size to get under 195KB ..... waiting.....waiting.... always fun to see someone's goodies!