dinner at el cantinero

  1. Hey NYC people, you're all missing out, we're here with Vlad and Megs and a dozen other PF members (and a couple of significant others) talking purses and gossip and having dinner at El Cantinero on University place and 12th st, so feel free to take a taxi and drop in if you read this in time.
    I'm taking lotsa photos that I'll post later on snapfish.
  2. Yaay! Have fun!
  3. How fun!!! Take pics pleeeeaaassee!
  4. hmm I wonder how much a cab would be from London ;)

    Have fun you guys :biggrin:
  5. I can't believe the SATC restaurant!! lol Wish i could be there!!!
  6. *sigh*...i woke up to this post! i wish i could be there but Hong Kong's a bit far from NYC...Have fun!! :biggrin:
  7. Have fun!!! Can't wait to see pics!
  8. Hope you guys had a great time! A taxi would be pretty expensive from WI, so I probably wouldn't make it.
  9. where's our pics!?
  10. Can't wait for pics. Glad to know you guys are having fun.
  11. So jealous!! Looking forward to seeing pics:yes:
  12. Here's a group shot from left to right: Hermesgroupie, Vlad, Megs, Baggaholic, guest, Fayden?, mas2388?, guest. Folks, I hope I got that right. Feel free to correct me. Also, at the fete was Kat, who left before the group shot was taken.
  13. You guys looked GREATTT!!!:roflmfao: Wish I was there:sad: having lots of fun??!!!:graucho:
  14. Thank you!!!:flowers: We gussied up for the occasion.
  15. Cool, you sure look stylish!