Dinner at Buddah's Bar - Help!!!

  1. Hey everyone,

    I posted a few weeks ago I thread regarding what I should take/wear to Paris... and u guys were very helfull (especially [vogue] :sweatdrop: I'm already packing my stuff and all of your pointers were taken in consideration) but there is one outfit that's giving me some trouble... One of the night's I'll be dinning in Buddah's Bar with a friend and I have no idea what to wear :s ...
    Should I dress up? or is that overkill? What kind of items do u suggest?

    Thank's everyone :p
  2. You want to dress up without looking like you tried too hard, effortlessly chic but very of the moment.
  3. Thank's sonya, that's what I needed to know ;)

    I think that a blazer, something from Armani with a button down shirt and jeans will do in that case. :smile:

  4. I was going to say that, but I wasn't 100% sure you're male (just based on what you wrote, and obviously a female's outfit is much more complicated).

    Blazer, button down and jeans is the standard look. I personally LOVE very fitted velvet blazers, or one with a subtle pattern (pinstripes) and a pocket square in a bright color or pattern. The fit of the blazer is so important.

    If you are very "confident" (perhaps even arrogant), you could wear an Etro blazer or one of Zegna's more outrageous blazers. But that's bordering Eurotrash (which Buddha Bar kind of is)....
  5. Sorry, I forgot to mention that I was a guy... :sweatdrop:

    Well... a velvet blazer is something that I might consider... and even maybe something from Etro like u suggested... but, even thought Buddah's is kind of Eurotrash, I don't want to look like one...:hrmm: (altought I confess... I'll very tempted to pull of a outrageous button down shirt... maybe D&G :p).

    Thank's for the tips! :smile: