Ding Dong ... The Millionaire are in !!

  1. I bought this as a surprise for my BF .... My Lovely SA in San Francisco .. shipped this over for me , and it came here in 2 days.. !! :yahoo::yahoo:

    Now my bf is still on a business trip cant wait till he came back and see this !! I hope he likes it:p
    CIMG1499.JPG CIMG1500.JPG
  2. Post pics when he gets them.
  3. gorgeous, congrats to your BF.
  4. Wow... what a great gf you are!!!

    He will definitely love them!!! :nuts:
  5. great gift from a great gf!! ur bf will love it, ask him to post modeling pics! :nuts:
  6. Thanks everyone !! I think he will be a little bit too shy to post pics.. but I will try !! I am thinking of snatching the LV wooden box from him to put my obession square heee!!
  7. COngratulations! Ilove the case!
  8. Wowweee. What a sweetie you are for getting these for him.
  9. Very nice, congrats!
  10. yay! we can wear our's togethers!
  11. congrats! im sure he'll love it. who doesnt? :tup:
  12. wow!!! he's one LVcky guy!!!
  13. your BF is soo lucky!!:woohoo:
  14. What a great GF! I'm sure he will adore them!
  15. WOW! You're awesome! That's a great gift! I really hope he likes them! Good Luck!