DING DONG...The mailman came. OH Happy "DAY"!

  1. I'm about to bust a gut.:yahoo:

    Oh how I wanted this bag. My final "wish list" acquisition.:yes:

    Rondafaye, you rock!!! What a gorgeous bag you gave up. I love you for it, though.:heart:

    Here she is...06 pale rose Day:love:



  2. :yahoo: fendihunter, that is one SWEET bag - congratulations!!!!! the leather and color are just gorgeous!!! woohoo!!!!!
  3. Wow....very pretty!! You got the weekend started off on the right note!! Enjoy!!! :yes:
  4. :yahoo:
  5. congratsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!
  6. Very very cute!!! :heart: :love: Congratulations !! :yahoo:
  7. Congratsssss!!!
  8. Congrats - she's beautiful!
  9. Congrats Fendi. Rondafaye is such a fabulous seller:love: Now you must take an updated family pic.
  10. Gorgeous!!! It looks great on you. Congrats!
  11. :heart: really loving the pale pink and the day style of late!!! CONGRATS!
    :balloon: :balloon: :balloon: :cutesy: :balloon: :balloon: :balloon:
  12. Congratulations.
  13. WOW :nuts: ..... CONGRATS fendi..... :flowers: !! The pale rose DAY is really GORGEOUS .... I love this color very much :love: ;) ! Thank you for sharing and enjoy your 'happy DAY' :yahoo:
  14. Great color! So pretty. Congrats!
  15. She's so pretty!!!!! :love: You have got 2 super gorgous bags this week! I'm so jealous....