Ding dong, special delivery! My birthday goodies from some special people!!!

  1. OMG! Thanks so much to some very, very special LV boardies!

    So, I was just sitting down to lunch today,when I see a car pull in my driveway....who the heck is that? A girl is getting out with some flowers...ahhh, how sweet flowers, I look away for a second, she is going around to the other side of the car....wait she has a big LV bag....wait that's XXXX (my LV SA)!?!

    What the heck, I answer the door...

    "Happy Birthday! The flowers are from me, but this is from your friends!" OMG, you guys I almost started crying!

    I can not believe you guys did this! Everything on the top of my wish list right now!!! Lily mules, trunk bandeau and noisette cles!!! Love the card!!!

    These pictures are not that greatest, sorry...my camera is not behaving (the screen is not working :confused1:, well at least it takes pics, but I can't see what I am taking)



    Thanks twiggers and claire for all the organization. Thanks to everyone for making my birthday to special!!! Twiggers, Label Addict, Megs, Vlad, Pursegrrl, LVBabydoll, Bagnshoofetish, spaceytracy, shazarae, Vista, Mid-, loopylorns, slayer, junkenpo, pursenut911, cece31, addy, jazzie, nakolulu, carrie13, kuuip627, Sea0fyears, Rachela, sharbear508....whew!

    better pics when I get the camera working!
  2. aww, Tink you deserved it, fair and square! I am so mad for not particapating!!

    happy birthday mary, and may all your wishes come true :smile:
  3. YAY!!!! I'm soooooooooo glad everything gt there safely!!! And Mary...have a wonderful birthday!!! For everything you do here on tPF....this was just a small token of our appreciation!!!!
    big huge HUGS!!!!!!!
    And your SA was a doll....hang on to her, she's a keeper LOL
  4. Beautiful!!!
  5. Oh...and those probably explain the questions you got through Elfster asking about your LV wishlist HEEHEE....we tried so hard to be sneaky!
  6. YAY!!

    I've been waiting all day of this thread LOL

    I'm glad you like everything Mary
  7. Happy Birthday Tink. Congrats on all your new goodies.

  8. She really is!! I can't believe she delivered them herself!!! On her day off, how sweet is that!!
  9. Congrats, Mary!!
    I hope you have a wonderful Birthday!!

  10. yep I think I've re-read everyone of your posts
  11. LOL now you can go to sleep Claire...seriously Mary..>Claire and I have been PMing each other for the last 4.5 hours LOL
  12. Happy Birthday Mary!:yahoo::drinkup:
    Glad you are happy with your new LV items.

  13. I love!! Everything! I am going to take some pics of the shoes...I tried before, but they all came out to far, it's hard when you can't see what you're doing...lol!
  14. Me too! When she offered I was floored!!!! And she had to get special permission from the manager to take them home last night! LOL...your entire store was in on this grand scheme LOL
  15. You should totally snap some modelling pics of the shoes HEEHEE!!!