DING DONG! My package arrived!

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  1. I wasn't expecting my package from Ebay today so I was super excited when it got here! :yahoo: Anyone in for a reveal?
  2. I am here!!!!:popcorn:
  3. me too!!!
  4. Dustbag shot! Editing the teaser pic now :graucho:
  5. I am so excited to see a reveal in real time!
  6. just in time
  7. Any guesses?
  8. Oh what is it?
  9. hmm penelope?
  10. ^Yessssss...
  11. Penelope shantung?
  12. Oh yay I'm just in time!
  13. im here!
  14. Penelope Op Art Shopper! Yay! I think this will be a great casual bag for me.

  15. And a pic of the pretty pink guts :biggrin: