"ding ding" My Lockit and agenda is here (pics)

  1. The sad face is there because I'm not loving the lockit:crybaby: I don't know it just doesn't sit right with me. I wanted something for everyday. It doesn't look everydayish, even my husband said his exact words "that's a big bag for $900" :wtf: What does that mean. He said I could use it to go away for the weekend. It would look cute for class but I don't want to carry this to school. Well I should have stuck with the Cabas Piano in the first place. That's what I get for impulse buying. Anyway as for the Groom Agenda, I'm in love, that think is just too cute. I didn't know the address book is separate, so I'm going to buy a Carnet de bal for that. They gave me the 2007 inserts also. Well I called Louis Vuitton they said just send the bag back and they will credit my account. uuh I'm so dissapointed. :sad:Here are the pics for you guys. :s
    groomagenda2.jpg Groomlockit1.jpg groomlockit2.jpg groomagenda1.jpg
  2. I think they look great together.
    Maybe this bag is bigger then what you normally carry ?
  3. Here's more pics
    groomagenda3.jpg lockit2.jpg lockit3.jpg
  4. Well, I'm not completely sold on the lockit. However, I do love that wide opening. Other than all the vachetta, I think it might make a great school bag. Think it over before you return the lockit. Maybe have someone else carry it around for a while so you can see what it will look like if you decide to carry it to school. Why don't you want to take it to school?
  5. The lockit bag is very light and easy to carry but I must admit it's pretty big for me. The biggest tote I can handle is Mezzo. If I want to get lockit, I will get PM size, it's cute.
    Lockit Horizontal looks great on some Pfers but it looks so huge on me..

    Love the agenda by the way..
  6. I love the lockit! Now I want one...
  7. Aww, I'm sorry you are dissapointed. However your groom agenda is so pretty and you got the one that seems most wanted and sells out the fastest, the red. Congrats!
  8. Congrats on your agenda! Do you have a pic with the lockit on your shoulder. I have seen it, it didn't look that big IRL. I think it's such a cute style.
  9. wow you went from cabas piano to lockit horizontal (this is horizontal, right?). that's a big size difference IMO. have you considered the cabas mezzo, batignolles horizontal, damier chelsea? they are all great medium to large shoulder bags.

    congratulations! the groom agenda is very cute. :yes:
  10. I was going forth between the Mezzo and the Horizontal Lockit...I was SURE I would want the lockit but after trying it on in the store and not feeling right with it (and my friends horrid look on her face when she saw me wearing it :roflmfao: ) I decided it was not for me.

    I HATE IT when bags you want to love just don't do it for you. Gotta return it if you don't love it!
  11. Aww...it's too bag you don't like the Mono Lockit. I've seen it on some of the girls in here and think it looks great! But of course if it doesn't "suit" you then it's best you realise it now while you have the chance of returning it.

    Personally I know the Mono Lockit is not for me (and this is coming from someone who loves huge bags)...I love the Suhali Lockit though.

    Best of luck on your decision!
  12. I absolutely love my red Groom agenda and sure you will too. Sorry about the lockit. I like the style just not the vachetta on the bottom. Good luck! :yes:
  13. Sorry you didn't like the lockit! Great agenda though!! Enjoy it!!
  14. great job on getting that Groom Agenda.

    Had you tried the bag on before ordering ?
    I think it's a great everyday, and maybe you had been liking it for a while, but send it back if you are disappointed, what bag are you thinking about instead?
    I love a big bag.
  15. Sorry the lockit isn't working for you.

    Congrats on the agenda :smile: