*ding ding* it's that bell-boy's, Groom collection club!

  1. We must have a club set up and ready for when our groom stuff arive. Some people may even have some of the prereleased stuff of ebay? well anyway if you got some post it! 9can you tell im lusting over it and i cnat afford it and i must live vicariously through you guys!)
  2. Nope I don't have anything! I think this line is cute, but I won't buy anything! Must save for the Damier Azur, and the The Mirroir Line! LOL!!!!! I know I saw something on let-trade, I think it was an agenda or something! They seem very cute!
  3. Got 2 items from the Groom collection... only a few hours old :yahoo:
  4. I will totally have some stuff to add later this week!
  5. wow that scarf is amazing, If you dont mind me asking...how much was it and whats the name of it ?. Thanks
  6. :heart: Here are my groom items. I must say that this line is just too cute.:love:
    PICT0013.JPG PICT0010.JPG PICT0012.JPG PICT0014.jpg
  7. Thanks, I love it too :heart:

    It's called Echar. Flower Power Jaune (M71997) and I paid 145£ :shame:
  8. Got a Pouchette Cles.
  9. I got the Cles and will be adding the vachetta keychain with the saying in blue when I go again later on this week!
  10. Waiting on my stuff to arrive fed-x tommorrow- Yippie!!!
  11. Everything is sooo cute! I finally got a call back and I pre paid for my items over the phone earlier today(still waiting on the Bandeau, though, the store didn't get it in yet). I'm picking them up this Thurs so I'll post piccies then. I can't wait! The little bell boy is soooo adorable!:heart:
  12. *ding ding ding* I'm IN:yahoo:
    Enjoy:graucho: Picture 060.jpg Picture 058.jpg Picture 059.jpg
  13. Ooooh! That blue is gorgeous.
  14. Here's my little guy..I'm probably going to be getting that blue Cles with the saying on it later in the week :yes: