DING DING - HOT New Heels Alert!

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  1. Has anyone else seen these or do you even have a pair! I think they are simply to die for! Just saw them on shoes.com and I have just GOT to get me a pair of EACH!

    Don't you agree!

    cocktail shoes_ieec1015976.jpg H of D fab shoes_iaec1015987.jpg
  2. Heres a couple pics of the other one!

    I am drooling over these I'm telling you -
    cocktail shoes top _ifec1015976.jpg cocktail toe shoes_ihec1015976.jpg
  3. Love the second pair! It's absolutely gorgeous!
  4. Hot!!!
  5. 2nd pair for sure!!:heart:
  6. I like the 2nd pair.
  7. the 2nd pair.
  8. georgeous! love both!
  9. i love them both. :yes:
  10. VERY pretty-Who makes them
  11. Very nice. I like both.
  12. love them both..hehe thanks for the link!
  13. cute!!! not to mention HOT!!!
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