Diners find rare pearl in plate of clams

  1. 25 minutes ago

    LAKE WORTH, Fla. - A Florida man was about halfway through a plate of steamed clams when he chomped down on something hard — a rare, iridescent purple pearl. George Brock and his wife, Leslie, had been spending a day at the beach Friday in South Florida and stopped at Dave's Last Resort & Raw Bar for a bite. Their find could be worth thousands.
    "Few are round and few are a lovely color, so this is rare," said gemologist Antoinette Matlins. "I think they have found something precious and lovely and valuable."
    The gems occur most frequently in large New England quahogs, clams known for violet coloring on the inside of their shells. The clams in the $10 plate came from Apalachicola in the Florida Panhandle, said restaurant manager Tom Gerry.
    The Brocks, of Royal Palm Beach, plan to have the pearl appraised and said they may sell it if it is valuable.

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  2. Wow, too cool.

    Those clams are also well-known for having been made into wampum beads. The ends, which are a darker purple color, are valued highly by beaders.
  3. What a lovely colour pearl - good luck to them both.
  4. Now that's my kinda meal! Lucky them that pearl is such a gorgeous colour.
  5. Lucky! I'd sell it haha.
  6. whoa i'd wear it for good luck!
  7. thats pretty nifty :smile:
  8. That would look so gorgeous made into pendant like this one, but maybe with yellow gold to make the color stand out more :girlsigh:


    I would definitely keep it!!!
  9. As a former jewelry designer, I'd put it in yes, a silver mounting, but not as ornate as the one you show ClaireZk. Gold would over-power the purple color, silver would be more compatable. I think I would do just a simple screw in cap, just a little cup-like thing, Anything more would really take the eye away from the pearl.

    I LOVED working with pearls. You should see some of the boxes of pearls I still have, leftover from when I did this stuff.
  10. How lucky! The color on that pearl is beautiful!
  11. I really like that pendant.
    Gosh, I wish I would find something valuble in my food.
  12. I'd totally keep it. I know someone who also found a pearl in their meal but I don't think it was rare. Either way, that is pretty cool.
  13. Wow, amazing. That will make a beautiful jewelry piece! I'd never sell it.

    Hmmm....maybe I need to eat more charcoal or dirt in hopes of finding a diamond. :lol:
  14. Wow!! I would keep it!
  15. I think it would look really pretty on a white gold chain.