Dinah update...

  1. As most of you know, my rabbit, Dinah, recently had to stay at the vet's office overnight.

    We brought her in for a followup visit today, and she isn't doing very well:sad: .

    Within about a week, she developed a sore on her other foot. So now she has a big sore on both of her back feet.:sad:

    Also, she has continued to lose weight, which isn't good:sad: . Some bloodwork still needs to come back, but we're hoping that the small appetite is just due to the fact that she isn't feeling well.

    We had to put a padded fleece blanket in her cage, and rearrange the stuff in her cage so she has easy access to everything. She now has to have one and a half antibiotic pills a day to ward off infection (if an infection reaches the bone, her leg(s) would have to be amputated, or she would have to be put to sleep:sad: ). We also have to clean the sores with a special wound-cleaning soap twice a day. This requires us to put her up on the kitchen counter with her back feet over the sink, while I hold her down and my mom cleans the sores and then dries the wet fur with a hairdryer. Dinah seems to understand that it needs to be done though, and she didn't move around or give us any trouble when we tried it for the first time tonight. We also have to continue putting the special ointment on the sores twice a day. She also has to take glucosamine and condroitin for her arthritis.:sad:

    I may have to start giving her a ground-pellet-and-baby-food mush to trick her into eating more of the nice fattening pellets.

    We had another big vet bill today, and it's going to cost us quite a bit to get all the new supplies she needs, but so far, my dad doesn't care. He just wants her to get better, so he'll pay whatever needs to be paid. Hopefully, he'll keep that attitude.

    I hope I don't sound like an attention-seeker...I'm just really stressed and need to share this with someone. :shame:
  2. i got teary-eyed reading your post i'm so sorry she isn't feeling better :cry:........you totally don't sound like an attention seeker--i know there're many animal lovers on this forum (myself included) and we would all be devastated if there was something wrong with one of our pets.....i know everytime my dog seems the tiniest bit sick i go into panic mode.....i really hope she gets better soon andi just wanted to say it sounds like you guys are doing a wonderul job taking care of dinah she's really lucky :shame:
  3. Awwww....poor baby, she is going through so much. :sad:
    Dinah will be in my prayers. :love:

    Stay strong and everything will work out.

  4. That's no good. I hope she feels better soon! poor baby she'll need extra cuddles.
  5. Awww awwww.... cutie.

    Please please let her get better! Stay strong, be positive and give her positive enegery and hopefully everything will work out fine and you can post healthy hopping pictures of her!
  6. i'm so sorry to hear about dinah. I wish her a speedy recovery. ****hugs****for you and dinah.
  7. awww, I hope she makes a smooooth recovery.:heart:33333
  8. Oh wow Northernbelle.. I'm so so sorry about Dinah :sad2: She sounds like she's going through a lot right now and she's very lucky to have such a patient and devoted family. I hope she feels better soon.. my cousins in Germany have a giant rabbit like Dinah and they're really the sweetest animals ever. Here's lots of love for Dinah & wishing her a speedy recovery.. :love:
  9. oh, dear! I am so sorry. Please give her a nice hug for all of us!!

    I hope she gets better soon! :smile: Hang in there!
  10. oh, dear! I am so sorry. Please give her a nice hug for all of us!!

    I hope she gets better soon! :smile: Hang in there!
  11. Aww really sorry to hear! Hope things start to look up for you and her soon!
  12. She sounds like a brave little rabbit. We all wish her a speedy recovery.
  13. i'm so sorry to hear that - i hope she feels better soon!! and she's very lucky to have you taking care of her :smile:
  14. I'm so sorry that she's going through this. Sounds like she has superior care going on with you guys. Hang in there! Like I said before, I've seen animals come back from the brink.
  15. I'm sorry to hear about Dinah, hopeing for all the best for you and Dinah.