dimples and charms

  1. Is there such a thing as a cadena with only one dimple rather than two? And do all light coloured bags come with a matching leather covered cadena or is it only white bags and exotics? pm me if you feel this is too much info to post on a public forum. i feel this will get more responses here. thanks. :tup:
  2. ^redthink´s spam has been reported.

    Croissant do you mean the clochette? Or am I missing something?
  3. No, Croissant means the lock. Your first instincts are right - just white and exotics. Don't know what you mean by dimple, though.
  4. Ooooo... Detective Croissant is on the move! I got the lock part but not sure about the dimple. :flowers:
  5. Really, Cadena means lock too? I´ve got a lot to learn I see..
  6. If you read SandiaExchange's listing about buying an authentic Birkin she addresses the dimple point. However, she mentions that it started after a certain date --- I am not sharing any info that is not right there on her listing. I actually know nothing about this and never would have noticed this feature on the lock if I hadn't read Croissant's post and looked into SE's info about it. I wish that I could be of more help. Good Luck in hunting down the answer!!!
  7. thanks everyone! i have a pale gray Kelly purchased from a very reputable reseller. it came with a palladium cadena as opposed to a leather covered one. just wanted to make certain that was OK. also, only one dimple on the cadena as opposed to two. i don't doubt the bag but wanted to clear those two points up.