Dimplegirl's Showcase

  1. Here is my small but well :heart: collection. Enjoy and thanks for checking them out. These "girls" love attentions.:yes:
    #1. Louis Vuitton
    #2. Dior
    #3. Fendi and Gucci
    #4. Coach and D&B
    #5. Family Portrait
    DSC00260.JPG DSC00261.JPG DSC00264.JPG DSC00263.JPG DSC00265.JPG
  2. Great collection! thanks for sharing! :smile:
  3. The colors of your bags are so pretty and feminine. Love it!
  4. Love the Gucci horsebit and Dior saddlebag!
  5. lovely collection!
  6. I love it all, especially your LVs!
  7. Beautiful collection, love all your Dior pieces.
  8. Nice collection!
  9. Great collection!
  10. great collection ... thanks for sharing!
  11. Love the overall feminine quality to your collection!
  12. Such pretty choices!
  13. i love the dior wallets and the saddle bag
  14. beautiful purses-great collection!
  15. nice collection!