1. I don't know who else to ask, so I thought I would come to my gals at TPF.
    Has anyone used Dimmers? This is the website. A shop in Austin recommended them.
    Dimmers - Great Glam clothing store buy partying clothes,club wear short dresses, womens cute,clubbing,sexy,party dress.Shop Stylish junior night clubbin halter shirt, trendy juniors tube tops,get low cut belly, half shirts.Top women's hot styles

    This is a lingerie site in case you have young ones around. :push:
  2. Haha, that was NOT what I was expecting! Sorry, haven't used them. :shame:
  3. HAHAHA wow.. they have those now?

    I use Nu bra from Nordies... they fit great and you have no "flashlight" problem and they make your boobs look bigger
  4. I have NOTHING and wear a semi-sports bra. Nothing works, even the gals at VS have thrown up their hands in disgust. It's horrible. Anyway, I need something for my sheer sports type bra. They didn't have them at the shop that day, so I thought I might get them on line. I just wanted to see if anyone has used them.
  5. WOW, what a great idea :nuts: I usually wear padded bras.. I'd be totally into wearing them.. i wonder if it'll create an unnatural curvature around that area though?
  6. I have some and I love them! They are great for shirts that are cut really low in the front that you can't wear a bra with. I bought mine a few years ago at Dillards for maybe $20.00 and I can still use them.
  7. Do they stick as well as they say that they do? Is that the brand that you bought at Dillard's? We have a Dillard's where we live and I may go check it out. Does it create unnatural curvature like someone asked?
  8. ^ Yes, they still stick very well. I wash them after each use with dish soap and warm water. You can't use a cloth or towel of any sort, just use your hands. No curves, bumps, or anything that doesn't look natural. I can't find the original package they came in, but they are just like the ones you posted. I can't remember the brand either. Sorry! Hope this helps...
  9. I found them on the Dillards website under intimates, Foundation Accessories, Page 1, Third Row, Column 1. Don't know how to post a link! Sorry!
  10. Thanks so much. I may run by the store and see if they have them. You are the best!
  11. "sassy nips" are the same as "dimmers" made by Sassybax. I use sassy nips for tennis. They provide full coverage in for nylon type tennis tops and no "high beams" if you know what i mean. Once you place them inside your bra, they are NOT going to move. They are some kind of gel substance. After I sweat, they almost have to be peeled off. ( ewww sorry!) They are great!
  12. Thanks SMS. I love the scarf on your bag. My favorite colors.
  13. cbeth: these are the ones I ordered. Are these the ones you bought?

    Product: Fashion Forms "Ultimate Silicone" Gel Petals
    I found them on the Dillards website under intimates, Foundation Accessories, Page 1, Third Row, Column 1. Don't know how to post a link! Sorry!
  14. ^That's it! You will love them!
  15. Thanks. They are great. I can't believe they continue to stick over and over. If only I had known about these earlier. Why did it take 45 years to figure life out? Thanks for your help.