Dimensions of the large spy bag vs smaller one?

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  1. I was wondering if anyone knew the dimensions of the large spy bag vs. the medium one? Thanks.
  2. i didn't even realize there were two diff size spies. i thought it was just the papa size one and then the baby. there's a mama spy?! o:huh::huh:O:huh:O, jpmasson i'm just as curious as you.
  3. Baglady.1 posted a pic of the 3 sizes in Lit's list. It should be somewhere in here. You can't buy the largest size anymore. They don't make it.

    UPDATED Fendi Spy Bag List
  4. wow blast from the past. now i'm wanting a large spy, thanks! ha ha
  5. The 2005 large spy is extremely uncommon:sad:. It is 2 inches wider (18-20 inches wide) and has a 8 inch handle drop. Height top to bottom is 8-10 inches...I give estimates because these bags have a shape that it depends where you measure, etc. The spy compartment has a 7 inch diameter, about 2 inches wider than regular spy we see today.

    I am carrying a large spy today, the zucca nappa featured in this thread:

    and I am "large boned" as they say...tall also, so it looks great and feels good over the shoulder! After carrying all the handbags at Nordies & Barnies yesterday, I wonder why they haven't brought the large Spy back :confused1: . Seems a lot of the handbags today (various brands, Chanel/YSL/Prada etc.) fit like it, over the shoulder & quite large...and it is so cool :tup:
  6. Thanks for all the info! I kinda wish the large bag was back too....I like to throw them on my shoulder!