Dimensions of the Bubble Bowler

  1. Hi, everybody! I haven't been around much lately as I've been busy with work, redecorating the house, and getting ready for my hubby's military retirement :yahoo:. I've missed you guys:heart:.

    I have been looking at some of the threads to see what's new, and I'm really liking the Bubble Bowlers. If anyone has one, can you please give me the dimensions? I'm wondering if it's fairly easy to get a long wallet in and out of. Also, can you fit a checkbook into the inside zipper pocket? It drives me nuts when I don't have a secure place to keep my checkbook. Also, is it comfy on the shoulder? Any slippage of the straps?
  2. It's about 13" x 7.5" - 8" (can't tell, it's so soft and slouchy) and yes, you can fit a checkbook in the zip compartment =) A long wallet will fit easily into the main compartment.

    As for the straps, I prefer the ones on my classics--these have more metal, so they're can be a bit cold on the shoulder (I wear a lot of dresses and sleeveless tops). Also, when worn on the shoulder, I do find the outer strap slipping, but only because I don't want to hug the purse so close to my body--I don't want it to retain its bubble shape! Hope that helps =)
  3. Thanks for your reply. I've got one on the way!