Dimensions of Medium YSL Muse

  1. I'm really petite--4'10" and 80 pounds--so the large muse seems like it would be too big. I tried looking online to find the dimensions of the Medium Muse, but i cant seem to find it. Anyone have the dimensions for the medium?
  2. I just got what I believe is a medium over the weekend. I don't have it with me now, but I'll try to post measurements tonight or tomorrow, maybe some pictures too.

    Even the medium is a large bag...not overpowering or luggage-looking, but not small by any means.
  3. Ooops....after measuring my bag and doing a little research, I figured out that I have a large Muse, not medium.:shame: :push: :rolleyes:

    But anyway my large is 15 inches long x 10 inches high x 5 inches wide.

    Saks has an Ocra medium Muse listed and they are saying it is 14x9x2, which sounds about right. Hope this helps.
  4. Thanks Kate79! It helped a lot! Hopefully I can find one soon!