Dimensions of Batignolles Horizontal???

  1. I had asked for advice from you women regarding my new purse purchase. I had been leaning toward either a Cabas Piano or Cabas Mezzo but many of you suggested the Batignolles Horizontal which I didn't really think I would like. I have been looking at it and think it is a beautiful bag and I am leaning toward it now, mostly because of the fear of messing up the vachetta on the Cabas. My only question is , what are the dimensions of the bag. Eluxury and the Louis Vuitton site say two different things. LV site says the dimensions are 5.5x9x15.3. The Eluxury site says 5.4x11.8x13.4. I am going to go the the LV store but unfortunately it is over 2 hrs away so I won't get there for another week or so. Thanks, you girls are great on here!!!