Dimension of Chanel patent Ritz bag?

  1. My SA has this bag on hold for me. Does anyone has the dimension of this bag? My local stores dont get this in yet. Thanks a bunch...;)
  2. Sorry I can't help answer your question but I am dying to see this bag. When you get it, please post and tell us all about it!
  3. I just got mine today and it went right back today. It is a very, very pretty bag (with many compartments) but it was just too big for me. The handles are cool looking but were also very difficult to maneuver & keep on your shoulder. I know you like large bags so this one may be right up your alley. The measurements were about 14" wide and 8" tall and about 6 inches deep at the widest part (bottom of triangle).
  4. Thanks for the information. I like how it has a kisslock compartment in the middle and front and back each has a separate compartment. Hopefully I would like it.:yes:
  5. This bag is huge!!! I saw it at Saks and the size put me off.
  6. OMG, I can't wait to see pics of this bag. Actually, I'm on the list so I can't wait to see this bag in person :nuts: . I LOVE the dimensions of it, it's a bag that can acutally hold things :yes: .

    For those of you who've seen it, what does the patent look like? Is it smooth or more textured?
  7. Hmmmnn...is it about the same size as the Cambon reporter? I need to see someone modeling it!
  8. can anyone remind me of the price?
  9. Does anyone have pics??? I LOVE bags w/ compartments!!! Another excuse for me to say "OH BUT HONEY!!! its a diaper bag!!!"muhahaha:graucho: :graucho: :angel:
  10. swanky, i think it's $2525... but there's 2 ritz bags and one is $2495.
  11. The one I got is 2525.00 before tax.
  12. textured - kinda like the diamond shine
  13. It's really lovely - just way too big for my 5'1 frame.
  14. i have to see this in person. i wonder if it's crackly like the patent leather from f/w 05?
  15. ^^ I hope so. Can't wait until one of us gets our hands on this and can post great pictures here!
    golden, is the patent crackly? is it about the size of the cambon multipocket?