Dillemma - will i insult my SA????

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  1. So, my supernice SA is hunting for a Mahina in L for me, and he has emailed Paris in order to try and find one. That was only yesterday, but I am SO impatient that I called the general hotline in Paris myself and were told that there was one in Nice and one in Courchevel.

    They could do a store transfer to Oslo and I could get it from there, but the request had to come from my SA.

    So... Do i tell him i found it myself? And ask him to contact them for a transferr?

    I can see how that could be a huge insult, but I also don't want it to slip away as they are not being made anymore!!!
  2. Personally, your SA is there to help you....I would ask. You could always say your friend called and found one.....

  3. hey, thats not a bad idea at ALL!!!! i could say I have a friend who just saw it there..... right? Feelings spared, bag in the box???
  4. Nope, I dun find it as an insult! Go ahead otherwise you will missed it!
  5. i would go for it! say your friend called or something
  6. It's not an insult. He just gonna laugh, becaus he thinks we are the crazy LV-Mafia... If you hurry my sister can bring it to you on sunday, she is here for the weekend:smile:

    When you first was on the hotline, you diden't ask them to send a Brea aswell..... :smile:
  7. :P

    hehe, I doubt Nice would get it to Oslo in two days though.... Anyone in Nice going to Oslo wanting to do a little courier-servicing, lol......

    One Mahina for me, and a Brea for Dixie??
  8. my SA knows how impatient i am and if he cant get me something, i will get it myself! they dont get commission so im sure he would just be happy you got what you want!
  9. If you call today... Maybe.... Then you can pick it up at Flesland on sunday:smile:

  10. I hope so, since I want him *on my side* for years to come, lol!!!
    I sent him an email saying that a friend just spotted it in Nice.... but now i regrett not just calling him and saying it as it was, sigh....
  11. :nuts: (on the phone)
  12. I caved and called him, told him as it was. ha thought it was hillarious and would contact Nice for me immediately.....
    Honesty prevails - AGAIN!

  13. Good job!
  14. There you see... Good girls goes to heaven, bad girsl get a Mahina!!
    You deserve it after the horribel Malleries experience.
  15. Glad it all worked out in the end ! :heart:

    Can't wait for your reveal !