Dillemma - buyer balking at paying!

  1. So I sold an item the other day. The retail was $370 and my price was less than half that. A buyer won it, and now she emails me saying the shipping costs are too high (she's in Belgium). I responded by saying those are the estimates I get when calculating and I'm even decreasing the amount by a few dollars... She emails me saying "Give me the USPS website, I'm going to calculate it myself and tell you."

    I linked her the website, which clearly shows that my charge is less than what's on there. She hasn't replied yet and it's been a couple days... Wondering what to do. I just had an unpaid item dispute opened last week because of someone who didnt pay me... Don't want to have to do it again. :sad:
  2. You have done everything you can by answering her questions and giving her the link. Contact her again, what can she say? Just remain calm and friendly and you can probably work it out. I have bought and sold on eBay since '98 and I can't deal with shipping out of the country any more. It has just not been worth the trouble.
  3. Sadly, I would say that you'll have to open a dispute if enough time has passed. Best case scenario is that she pays quickly. Good luck!
  4. Did you have another bidder?? Perhaps a second chance offer is what you need to do!!
  5. ^ No, I didnt... I had about 6 watchers though. She won it and I sent her the invoice and then she sent me a msg about all I described above. Since then I've been checking my messages but she hasn't responded yet. Hope she doesn't leave a negative. :sad:
  6. This is why I'm scared to sell. You did nothing to get a neg. all you did was send her the invoice for the item she bought, and then graciously sent her the link for shipping. :cursing: I really hope this works out for you
  7. This may sound really bad, and I mean no offense to people living outside of the US, but international shipping has become a huge PITA for me, so I never offer it anymore.
  8. intl' shipping is really a hassle....

    i only ship very small valued items outside the us, or unless if they are willing to pay for the priority or expres.s
  9. Please dont say that! I rely on the US sellers to send international! There is not nearly as good things sold on our local eBay! Not all international buyers are so much hassle! I always make sure I know the cost of shipping to my country before I even start bidding!
  10. She said she recieved a bag the other day "$5 only!!" She also said she thinks I'm keeping the shipping costs to myself. :sad:
  11. "She said she recieved a bag the other day "$5 only!!"

    $5.00?? She's making that up. You can hardly ship a bag for that amount in the USA let alone Belgium. But who knows maybe she got it via a super slow snail boat...

    It doesn't matter what she says. You are the seller, selling is on your terms, not the buyers terms. Refer her back to the terms and conditions of your offer to sell and just ask her politely to either abide by your terms or forget the deal. Relist, file NPB, block your bidder. Sorry if I come out as a beoth, I am a seller too and share the same frustration!!!
  12. Please continue to send items aboard, I buy from eBay and I am in the UK and I always pay over for shipping charges and insurance, not everyone is a bad apple. At the end of the day, if a buyer is willing to pay all shipping costs no questions asked, then why not?? Yes it does mean queuing to ship it, but you are getting your money for it, just add more on top for International shipping to cover that.x
  13. Several years ago I did a lot of selling on eBay, however it was antiques and not handbags. I stated on my auction that I did not ship outside the USA. I still go with that for the very reasons you state, it really isn't worth the hassle. I never had one non-paying bidder or a problem of any kind and I sold over a hundred and fifty items. But we also find even when doing antique shows, people write checks and for the most part none of us dealers have had problems with bad checks. It is overall a good class of people. I don't think I will ever sell any handbags on eBay though because you that do seem to have quite a few problems with non payers, etc. I surely hope you get this resolved....what a bummer!
  14. Babydoll Chanel - You shouldn't really worry over this as it is not your fault if the buyer did not contact you about shipping prior to the auction, it's her fault. The next thing she will be asking you to do is lie on the customs forms because she will not want to pay Customs Duties importing into Belgium.

    Has she got a confirmed shipping address? If it was my bag l would be seriously considering whether l wish to proceed with this transaction!!
  15. Let me show you the messages so far in the transaction:

    Hers after recieving invoice:
    Please this price is too much for shipping!!! I recieved a Darel bag for $10 yesterday from the America, bag was 5 and shipping was 5!!!! Please check to see if you are correct!!!!!!!!

    Mine to her:
    Hi, when I calculate it, that is how much it is coming to. Hope this clears the problem, thanks! :smile:


    Please just give me the weight of the item wrapped and I'm going to give you the exact price on USPS website!!!! simply to use, you'll tell me how much do you take for your own personal fees ok!!!! the postage you gave me is for a bag !!!!

    Mine sent out this morning:

    Hi, I gave you the website address with the calculations and have not heard from you since. I'd appreciate if you responded to this message. Thanks and have a good day!