Dillards Sale

  1. For those of you that live near a Dillards store-they have an extra 50% off all of their winter things today only! This includes reduced hadbags etc.:yahoo:
  2. An hour ago, I went to my local Dillards, and found five great bags that I
    intended to buy......of course, expecting the additional 50% off the reduced
    price. That did not happen. The clerk told me that the additional 50% off
    did not apply to anything in the handbag department!!! Obviously, I wasn't
    happy, but when I later looked at the newspaper ad, it was clear that the
    sale only applied to shoes and clothing. Needless to say, I left without the
    bags. If anyone was successful in buying bags today from Dillards at the
    additional 50% off, I would like to know so that I can call them to see if
    they would honor it in my city as well. Thanks.
  3. I called my local Dillards also but they told me that the extra percentage off did not apply to the handbags. Needless to say I stayed at home.
  4. Sorry ladies-they have always honored this in the past when they do the end of the season extra % off. Very strange!:shrugs:
  5. Hey...not your fault!! There really was no reason for Dillards not to offer the
    additional savings in the handbag department. The clerk explained that they
    were only offering it in the other departments due to their inventory this
    weekend. Perhaps I missed something, but that doesn't make any sense to
    me at all. Oh well, not to worry!!! I love Dillard's end of season sales cause
    I usually rack up.....especially in the handbag department!!
  6. Thanks, I usually do that too. Maybe next time-I won't post until I see it with my own eyes!:nuts: