Dillard's Sale & Pics!!!

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  1. In case you are not aware, Dillard's started their sale today with an additional 40% off of reduced merchandise (including Coach!). Today is a "preview" day and you only get the discount if you use your Dillard's card but I understand that starting tomorrow you can use any form of payment. I got a few things because the price was so good:

    Tattersall make up bag $44.10
    Tattersall Wristlet $26.10
    Tattersall mini skinny $21.60
    Teal leather Carly $143.40

  2. Awesome deal! I was there too but I don't have a Dillards CC so I have to wait til tomorrow! I hope I can get the tattersall swingpack! My store has 2 and a few makeup bags. May have to get one of those too.
  3. Wow, great prices.
    I wish I had some extra cash, but I am all tapped out right now :crybaby:
    I have an MRI tomorrow and all my extra cash is going to the copay/deductable,waaaaa
  4. Wow. Wish we had Dillard's here, Macy's sales are never quite THAT good.
  5. ooooo what other things did your dillards have on sale??
  6. Those are incredibly awesome prices!!
    I wish we had a dillard's in Canada!!
    Nice pieces!

  7. good luck w/your MRI, I just had one a couple of months ago, and since it was ordered by my neuro I only had to pay the $35 office visit co-pay
  8. Great deal......jealous of the slim carly find!
  9. Sending good wishes your way for your MRI tomorrow and your results :tender:
  10. #10 Aug 19, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2008
    Hi! I actually went to a couple. The one at the Galleria in Ft Lauderdale (which is where I purchased all my items) had a great selection when I arrived: Tattersall totes in all sizes, the swingpack, pouch, wallet, pretty much all the accessories. Lots of Madelines in signature as well as leather (they had a nice light patent blue one) Bleecker leather duffle bags in black, rose and green. Bleecker leather Flap bags and lots of Carlys in the patchwork as well as tonal fabric. They also had a lot of small accessories (wallets, mini skinny's and wristlets) and even had the signature capacity wristlet with the metallic trim.

    I say they had that when I got there because while I was there a lady came in and I'm not kidding, pretty much wiped out all of their inventory! There were three sales associates helping her and her stuff was piled on the floor behind the register...it was a mountain of merchandise!

    The Dillard's closer to where I live had a smaller selection but did have black and brown signature Carlys as well a lot of accessories.
  11. Wow, those are GREAT finds! Congrats!
  12. i've been dying for something in patchwork lately....... I'll have to go tomorrow
  13. Great deals on your purchases. I can't believe the price of the Leather Carly. That's amazing.
  14. Great Deals! :tup:
  15. Hope all goes well with your MRI clb1968.