Dillard's sale next week

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  1. I just got back from Dillard's and my SA said that they would be having the extra 40% off on clearance starting on Wednesday. I did not ask her if Wednesday was only for card holders or not, but I just wanted to give you all the head's up.
    Also, at the end of next month is the handbag trade in event so that means they should not be doing the extra % off that month.
    Sadly, I do not need a new bag and my Dillard's never has anything in leather anyway. So I will not be taking part in either event. But this is a first for us as we usually only get the extra 30% off at my store!
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    extra 40% off on clearance :yahoo:
    ...time to get shoes and clothes and maybe Coach
  3. sweet! there wasn't much in the sale area last time I went (2 weeks ago) hope to find something good!

    if anyone finds out if it starts Tues or Wed for cardholers please post
  4. Dillard's had markdowns just like Macy's. same time same stuff last week. 20th/21st.

    i didn't know that you can know about extra clearance sale before Monday.
    This is good news though!

  5. Woo Hoo!! I was at the mall yesterday and my dillards had a ton of Coach 25% off. I sure hope it's all included. Just when I thought my credit cards were safe...........
  6. 40% off, I will definitely pay a visit to Dillards. Does anyone know if the Dillards still has small sabrina's?
  7. Yes, the one in winston does...black and acorn and same op art. And a black op art hailey I been eyeing...
    I am a cardholder (although I never use it), I might check it out.
    Bunch of storypatch and a little kristin, too.
  8. Anyone know if the palmdale, california dillards has good coach stuff on sale, never been before and wondering if its worth the drive, searching for sabrina or kristen
  9. Raleigh did as well. They were 30% off on Sunday.

  10. Mjajc, did you mean the Dillard's in Triangle Towne Center?
  11. The marked sale price is already 30% on wednesday there will be an additional 40% off.
  12. Yes. I thought about driving to Cary to see what they had as well. Does anyone know?

  13. did anyone ever find out whether Wednesday(tomorrow) is just for cardholders or is it the first day of the event for everyone? Thanks!
  14. I am a card holder and haven't recieved an email yet, they typically do it for card holdres on wednesday and then open it for everyone on thursday. Will keep you posted if I hear anything...
  15. 40% starts tomorrow for cardholders, Thursday for everyone else.