Dillard's sale--I have a question?

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  1. I bought a wallet on Sunday while I was out of town. Now that I am home they are having the extra % off. Do you think they will let me return it and buy it again at the sale today? I bought it at a different store and it was clearanced. I would save an extra $35.00! I was going to go to the store today and ask, but the SA working today-well lets just say we don't see eye to eye. So I try to avoid her if I can. I really would love the extra 30% off! I asked on Sunday if they were having any sales soon and they told me no. So do you think they would let me do that?
  2. I would imagine they would adjust it for you. If they don't you can return it and turn around and buy it all over again since you purchased it from another Dillard's (unless I misunderstood). Or you can try my approach which was asking the sales person for a direct refund on an item that had gone on sale since I had purchased it (not Coach) and when she initially said no, I then threatened, er I mean stated, I would go home, repackage the item, return it and rebuy it for the lower price. Needless to say the SA just adjusted a credit to my card.:yes:
  3. It depends... but it is Dillard's policy not to issue price adjustments... look on the back of your receipt... the website also states this under their pricing policy.

    From http://www.dillards.com/info/notices.jsp#PricingPolicy

    Pricing Policy
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    Dillard's is committed to offering quality merchandise at fair, competitive prices. In most cases, the internet prices will reflect store prices. However, there may be some exceptions. Internet sale prices expire at midnight Central time on the date displayed for the item. Prices and sales are subject to change without notice.

    Dillard's does not make price adjustments.

    Merchandise available through Dillards.com may not be available in all our stores.
  4. Thanks. I went in and they told me NO! They could not do that. It would be like price adjusting and if I returned it they could NOT sell it back to ME. So, what did I do? I returned it and let my mom buy it back. So problem solved!
  5. stores can be so stupid. I had to do that with the PCE event.
  6. Dillards has an awful (30 day) return policy.
    And the no adjustments is awful too.
    Glad to hear you circumvented it.
  7. I am so proud of you :tup:! It takes more than oppressive corporate tactics to keep a girl away from her Coach. Muahahahaha :yes:
  8. Honestly, I know the store/corporation does not want to lose money, etc. And if it had been more than just 2 days I probably would have just let it go, but I bought it on Sunday and the sale started Tuesday. That just irked me, ya know. Plus, I got a really nice wallet for under $100.00 so I am extremely happy! I passed this wallet up when in Alaska and have been looking for one ever since.
  9. Absolutely...and if there was a time-frame for price adjustments like say within three days I would understand. But just an across the board "sorry if you bought it today and it goes on sale tomorrow, you're screwed" policy is a bit much. I think you did the right thing:tup:.
  10. Good for you. I think it depends on the SA. I bought a wristlet at Dillards not long before one of their clearance sales and when the 30% off started, I figured I would return it and rebuy it. The SA didn't even question it and did it with no problem. I probably would have returned it if they wouldn't do it b/c it would bug me that I missed out on the add'l discount. Fortunately it wasn't a problem.
  11. That's such a silly policy. Most places will do a price adjustment if it's within a certain time frame. Heck, even TJ Maxx will do it!
  12. You so stuck it to the man! I love it! :devil:
  13. great job:tup:
  14. Wow - I had no idea Dillards didn't do price adjustments - heck, even Macy's and TJ Maxx will! Wow- I'm loving Nordstrom even more and more - they will adjust with no hassle at all! You totally did exactly what I would have done and her refusing to sell it to you again was really wrong! I had the same thing happen at Target recently. I bought a necklace from that Subversive designer line they had and it was $50 and the very next day (I kid you not), the entire line went on sale for 50% off! Well, I took it back and asked if they could do a price adjustment and the girl was new and checked and said they couldn't and then another Target employee standing nearby said it would be "fraud" to do that - un-freaking-believable - so a retailer commits fraud when they do an adjustment - I think not! I informed her that there was nothing fraudulent in getting a price adjustment, that it was good customer service. Then, I very sweetly, said "I'd like to return this then" - got my credit to my cc, walked over to the jewelry counter and repurchased the item at 50% off! Idiots!

  15. I thought Target does price adjustments? I bought a tv console from Target and 1 week later it went on sale. I took my receipt in to Target and they gave me an adjustment with no problem.