Dillards sale additional 30% off sale items

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  1. Today is for cardholders only. I believe tomorrow is for everyone.
  2. thank you!
  3. does anyone know if the price listed in the sale section is the FINAL price? or is the additional 30% off shown on the actual checkout page?

    plus, are you sure that tomorrow is for anyone?
  4. damn wish there one around me
  5. I went in today bc my sa from dillards galleria Houston called me in on the additional 30% on sales items. I do not know if it is going on online. My husband got $1000 worth of (2) men's suits for under $300. Some coach purses were included. My sis-in-law purchased one for my mother in law and they had the additional 30%.
  6. Thanks for posting!
  7. were u a cardholder?
  8. Thanks for posting. I wonder if they will do price adjustments. I bought few items yesterday?
  9. good luck on that price adjustment. just spoke with them on the phone. they do not do them but it's worth a try

  10. Dillards is the worst about doing price adjustments....they've never done one for me! If you made a purchase in person, you could return it and just buy it off the racks again tomorrow at the 30% off price.
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    Last edited: Jan 26, 2010
    thanks !!!
    cardholders can go today .
    I got the Coach capacity leather plum madison wristlet I have been lusting for, I LOVE IT!

    I also happened to get a black and silver madison wallet, a scarf, and metallic skinny just because it looked cool.
    Great deals on purses too haileys claires garnets etc!

    Didn't look too much around the rest of the store
  12. Yes I am a cardholder.
  13. Thank you so much, stephaniemeraz :biggrin:
    The moment i saw your posting, my friend (cardholder) & I rushed down to Dillard and able to buy very nice items :yahoo: Usually we went during 'open to public' days and it been so chaos and left nothing much :shucks::shucks: For 'cardholder's day' is so much nicer to shop. No crazy and chaos shoppers. But my friend has no idea that today is for cardmember sale only. DOes Dillard send out email to all cardholders regarding additional % off?? Bcos my friend did not receive any email. Thank you. :urock:
  14. Thank you so much for posting this deal. I finally got some Uggs. They had the argyle cream on sale for $99.00 and than the 30% off!!!!
  15. Your welcome. :yahoo: I love dillards and I have an awesome sa who calls me when they have their sales! So I didn't get am email either so I had to share! I knew dillards would have alot of great deals for tpfs
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