Dillards Sabrina.. 12937X?

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  1. Ok, so I was about to get the Leather Sophia when I saw the Black leather sabrina at dillards. Apparently, they had a lot of them and I had wanted a sabrina for a while so I jumped on it. Now, I'm looking at it and it doesn't feel quite as heavy as the first round of Sabrina's and the handles feel thinner. Is it just me? I'm having second thoughts and might go right back to get the sophia. Has it just been that long that I haven't felt the Sabrina?
  2. I looked at the Sabrina yesterday at Nordstrom and I thought the leather felt thinner, but i could be crazy too!
  3. I think I would get the black Sophia...though I am Sabrina lover and have 4, the black one looks like a doctor bag to me....the Sophia has a different shape and the straps add some interest....thus taking taking away from the dr. bag look. I have found the "2nd generation" Sabrinas not to be as good a quality as the first round...leather feels different to me....I suspect Dillards has a "replenishment" of the black so they were probably not first generation even though the color was.

  4. Interesting...the Coach website and Dillards do not have any Sabrina's listed. I wonder if these are new? I am excited to see the outlet Sabrina versions but might just get at Dept store if I find one instead.

    Lighter is not better, right?
  5. At Macy's and Nordstrom they were on the sale tables! I didn't even know they were in until they were on sale!

  6. the black one looks like a doctor bag to me... I thought the same thing and not sure if I wanted black! I love the shimmer on the black leather! I have camel and brown OpArt Sabrinas and looking for 3rd Sabrina. Which leather Sabrinas do you have and recommend?
  7. I bought a clearance Sabrina from Dillards. I asked my SA about them, and he said that these weren't stored in the back, tucked away....Coach sent them to Dillards.
    So I don't know.
    The leather on mine is just like my other leather ones...thick, shiny, beautiful. I put all of my crap in it and it's heavy. It does not seem different to me.

  8. I agree. I picked up the black leather sabrina and LOVE her. Such a great bag. I have my Pop C scarf on her to add a little touch of fun, and it's an adorable combo. :yahoo:

    AND really affordable for a leather bag! Under $200 out the door!
  9. Dillards Sabrina.. 12937X. What does the "x" mean? Exclusive?
  10. I suppose I'm biased but I LOVE my small black leather Sophia :love:
  11. I believe that the X in the creed would indicate that it was a dept. store exclusive?! However, the dept store exclusives used to not be marked. The only thing I've seen the X on are run of the mill leather lunch totes that were made for the likes of TJ Maxx, Nordstroms Rack etc... I wouldn't keep it!!! I think it's NOT an original Sabrina. Maybe this is a "preview" of what's to come at the outlets?? This is all too bad, I'm starting to feel like I can't trust Coach anymore!!! I think they are making cut rate bags for dept stores and "seconds" stores!!!


  12. I'd take the Sabrina any day over the Sophia...
    I like the style and the way it's so compact.
  13. hi, does anyone know how much are they are dillards? thanks

  14. They're 25% off $358. You can stack whatever other coupons/discounts you have available to you on top of that. :graucho:
  15. I bought the black leather sabrina from dillard's today. Absolutely love her. Got her for 30%off-250+tax. I usually don't spend this much on bags, but i had to have her.