Dillard's Outlet....another great place to shop!

Mar 8, 2006
Desperately Seeking Deals
Well...as if I needed another place to spend money, but I recently discovered the Dillard's Outlet, which is approximately 5 minutes from my kids school. Yes...5 minutes, and I did not know it existed until last month!! OMG....there are such ridiculous bargains there that it is addictive to drop in.
My first experience with a Dillard's outlet was many years ago, and the one I visited was a MESS!! This location is so organized and clean. It was so easy to shop!
Let me share a few finds....
First....I bought this Trina Turk dress. The lady at the register exclaimed as to how expensive it was ($40), because everything in the store is so cheap! Original price $278.

Next...I bought the picured Pucci shoes(photo borrowed from Ebay). I could not believe the price!!! From $550 down to $48! I had to call my bff and tell her to scoot on over and buy a few pairs that were in her size!

And then there were these Steve Madden shoes for $20. I know they are not the most fancy..but I have worn them 4 times already! The color is perfectly nude and matches everything!


And then there is a handful of bathing suits...all 90% off or more!! I bought $400 worth of bikinis for $35.

If you have one near you...I recommend you stop in! Seriously...the best shopping I have done in a Loooooooooonnnnnggggg time!



Jun 1, 2010
wow. i love the dress and the shoes!!
too bad they don't have a store locator online so it's impossible to find one near.


Mar 31, 2009
This reminds me of the old Macy's outlet that use to be in Socal, amazing deals but always a mess. It closed down and became the home store.