Dillard's in Reno

  1. I just have to spread my joy. I was in Reno this past weekend for my daughter's state gymnastics meet and happened to wander into the new Dillard's. I'll be darned if they weren't having the BEST sale EVER!!!! They had things marked down from 50%-75% off and then additional percentages off the final markdown price! I got a gorgeous pair of Michael Kors black stacked platform heels for.....I kid you NOT.....$14! I got two pairs of Kitson's for about $11 each and two pairs of Antik Denim jeans for.......$42 each!!!! I got my man 6 pairs of slacks ( 3 pairs of Roundtree and Yorke khackis, 2 pairs of Trailer jeans and a pair of DKNY jeans) for a total of about $65!
    The SA said that they have such great sales because they don't do the volume that my store in Vegas does so they have so much more inventory for the clearances! I shopped there for 3 days! That was the crazy thing about it was that they had stacks of stock. It wasn't even quite picked over yet! WOW
    So, if you're ever in the Reno/Tahoe area I highly recommend stopping by Dillard's!

    NEVER PAY RETAIL!:yahoo: