Dillards having $50 off with handbag trade-in

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    Dillards just called me and they are doing pre-selling for this event...and Coach is included!!! Since PCE is over, $50 looks pretty good right now! They'll do the presales over the phone, pull the bag you want, and then you just go in the day of the event to do purchase. I don't actually have a bag to trade in...we have a really nice Goodwill here...may have to stop there! Last time I actually found a vintage Coach for $2.95, handtag and all still on it, took it home and cleaned and conditioned it. It was beautiful. Hope I get lucky this time...I really need a bag to trade in! Mods...hope I put this in the right spot...sorry if not...please move if needed.
  2. ^Do you have to trade in Coach, or can it be any bag in good condition? Does this apply to FP only? And is it only bags, or all accessories, etc?
  3. this is really weird....any more details?
  4. Dillard's has had this event before. I believe the handbags they receive go to women in domestic violence shelters because often they have to leave everything behind, if I'm not mistaken. I'd like to know some more details too!
  5. I may try to swing by there today, I'll pass along any details I find out.
  6. I think it's just the bags. Trade in can be anything...not just coach. Where they're going hasn't been decided on yet...but will go to ladies that are trying to find jobs and need clothing, etc. It's a very good cause.
  7. Thanks for the info! I may take some stuff up there anyway, but probably won't buy anything unless it's something on clearance :graucho: Always good to give though!!!
  8. ^^I do believe the bag you buy has to be a full price bag. And, inorder to save the $50, the bag you are purchasing has to be at least $200. At least, that's the way it's been in the past. Spending that much should not be a problem if you buy a Coach bag. There are like four or five savings levels such as: spend $50 to $75 and save $15, etc...
  9. Found this on MyDillards website. You have to create a shopperID to view all events.
    Handbag Trade-In Event
    3/24 to 3/29
    10 am to 9 pm
    Update your Summer Handbag wardrobe during our handbag trade-in event March 24th through March 29th. Bring in any clean, used handbag and receive a discount on any regular priced handbag or wallet purchase of $50 or more. See associates for all the details and any exclusions. Your used handbag will be donated to local charity in your area (specific charity is named on the website).

    The Dillards associate said last time they provided credit based on the sale price of the bag you are buying. For example: If you donate a bag and spend $200 on a new bag, then you will get $50 credit off that purchase.

    That is just an example so you will have to get details at your local Dillards. It is for a great cause. Women helping Women.
  10. Can you save more than $50?
  11. Very interesting. I'll have to see what I can find out here.
  12. what's the max? can we bring in more than one handbag?
  13. I think it's $50 of $200 per transaction. I don't think you can stack. You can bring in more than 1 handbag but you'd have to make 2 separate transactions for 2 separate $50 credit kinda thing. I *think* that's how they do it.
  14. what a fantastic idea to help out such an important cause. makes me wish i was near a dillards.
  15. Thanks for the heads up! May be worth a 2 hour drive for me...:thinking: