Dillard's has Umbrella

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  1. I was in Dillard's today and saw they have their holiday boxed stuff out already.

    Was surprised to see a Legacy Stripe Umbrella.

  2. Aww... that's a cute umbrella!
  3. that will sell out fast. so cute.
  4. It's on the Coach web site under "small accessories".
  5. that is a really cute umbrella!
  6. Oh very cute!

    I also have a Coach umbrella but I have to say I'm a bit disappointed with the quality :Push:
  7. I wish they had the black monogram umbrella!

    I was in Dillard's last Saturday, and they had all the boxed holiday accessories out - umbrellas, universal cases, key fobs, wallets, and lots of other small accessories. The Dillard's I typically visit has totally remodeled their Coach section, and now instead of just a counter, it is like an entire mini Coach store inside Dillard's! Similar to Sephora inside JCPenney.