Dillards handbag trade-in event

  1. FYI, Dillards is doing their hand-bag trade in event. If you take in ANY used handbag to donate you get $50 off a $200 or more purchase. Coach is included this time. I think they donate the used handbags to women's shelters or something. It starts today and runs through Sunday. :smile:
  2. Cool....thanks for the info!
  3. I wish I had a Dillards.
  4. Our Dillard's uses them to help dress battered women from shelters for new jobs. Other places take in used business clothing for them.
  5. If they had the amethyst legacy leather wristlet I'd be all over it!
  6. That's really cool! I didn't know they did that.
  7. They are including Coach this time? Wow, I may have to check it out. They usually exclude Coach.
  8. I am sooooooo there!!!!!!!!!
  9. The SA I talk with all the time said it's the first time Coach has been included. I got an email from Dillards about it right after I posted this and it says that Furla, Bally and Carlos Falchi (whoever that is :shrugs:) are excluded.
  10. Here's the email:
  11. This is a great idea on their part.
  12. I got a home-made type of letter from Dillards.
    It states that Coach is EXcluded where I live.
    Darn it.
  13. I am about 2 hours from the nearest Dillard's but it may be worth the drive:yes: Thanks for posting!

  14. What's that bag in the ad????

    The store I work at does this but my store doesn't carry Coach some other locations do...

    I deep down hope that someday some lovely person will returna Coach bag to my store (because you can return at any location) and it will be super cheap...

    Anyways back on subject.

    I really want to know what that bag is!!
  15. Wow what an awesome thing! I might give this a shot...not sure if I'll get anything new, but I'll donate anyway. Thanks for posting!