Dillards FL - 75% off!

  1. Hi Ladies!

    Dillard's Department store in Florida is having a HUGE 75% off sale. I already found a Kate Landry $400 bag for $87 and a TreVero Italian Leather $400 bag for $99! They have tons and tons of stock left, so go check them out!

  2. I started to post this yesterday....isn't Dillards awesome?? I spent $660 yesterday for 8 handbags and 1 clutch which included Sigrid Olsen, Gianni Bini, Antonio Melani, Kate Landry, and TreVero!! Granted, they aren't high-end designer bags, but they are great for when I'm running errands or don't want to risk soiling an expensive bag. Dillards has the best end of season sales!:yahoo:

    Here are some of the bags that I bought.... I didn't include the two that I'm returning.
    TreVero clutch $37
    $82.25 Huge--Great For Weekends (I bought another one in a lighter color)



  3. ^^^^^^^^

    Bagachondriac you scored! I love the two blue bags, I think one if them is a Kate Landry, what is the other one? We don't have a dillards near me, darnit!!!
  4. momo, many of these are also on sale at their website :tup: They have the Kate Landry above in white, not blue.

  5. The blue patent w' pockets is a Gianni Bini. I bought it at the Southpark Dillards in Charlotte, NC (Mamie-704 365-311 x 5152). This young lady is so helpful. As a matter of fact, I just called her and she is going to hold the Kate Landry quilted bag along with another patent Gianni Bini style bag under the name Purse Forum. The shipping is $7.95 for purchases under $100 and $9.95 if it's over that amount. Dillards closes tonight at 9PM EST, and on Monday she'll be working between 10AM and 6PM.
  6. oooh, those bags are soo cute!
  8. Momo, the blue Kate Landry is identical, but the Gianni Bini is taller...more of a tote. I do recall looking at that bag and remember it being really cute. But, I couldn't buy them all. I'm going into Dillards today or tomorrow and I will look to see if there is anything else that someone might be interested in. Sould I find something,I'll certainly have the SA put them on hold. Since Mamie is not working today, you should wait until 10 AM Monday before calling her for the two she is holding. I am also returning the clutch and the hobo that matches it since I know that I cannot possibly carry all these bags. If anyone wants the SA to buy them, let me know and I will have the SA hold them for you. They are all so cute and so worth the price.
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    TreVero "Warm Desert" Large Hobo Bag

    <SCRIPT type=text/javascript> //<![CDATA[ document.write(Discount.getProductDiscountText(501207257)); //]]> </SCRIPT>New Lower Price!
    This bark leather hobo bag features:
    • magnetic closure
    • single strap
    • elasticized slip pocket on each side
    • stitch and braid detailing
    • bronzetone hardware
    • inside center zippered compartment
    • three inside pockets
    • inside key hook and pen holder
    14.5x5x12". Only at Dillard's.


    Orig. $489.00
    Now $122.25

    They had this bag yesterday. If you like I can see if they still do and then have them hold it for you.
  9. Additional sale bags......


    Purchased this Aigner bag for $24 for my mother-in-law

    This TreVero hobo is so cute, but I'm returning it as I bought more than I will carry. In my previous post, you'll see a pic of it from the Dillards site in the lighter brown color. If anyone wants me to have the SA hold the bags I'm returning, just PM me. You can call the # I posted earlier and have them shipped to you.
    This one is $122.25

    I bought this bag in the coffee brown (pictured earlier), but I'm returning this one.....don't need two. It will make a fantastic weekend bag.
  10. How long is the sale for?
  11. What's great about Dillards is that there is no end to the sale...that is, until the merchandise is all gone or until they ship it out to another store. They just continue to reduce everything. For example, they now have many bags that have been reduced to only 33% or 50% off. Over the next few weeks, those bags will take a further cut and hopefully, I'll be there to buy them!! LOL!! Mind you, not all Dillards carry the same lines or even quantity of merchandise. We've about four of them close to me, but I only shop at the Southpark location as it is more upscale! There they carry much more than what you can find at their online store. Do you have a Dillards near you?
  12. Dillard's pulls out new purses every day to "replenish" their stock! I hit three yesterday and will hit two today!

    Wait till you see what I got! I bought out ALL their Sigrid Olson Wallets!

  13. Here are some of my "finds"! I LOVE the Kate Landry bag although it is HUGE! I'm 5'10" and it is big on me. I'm not sure about the TreVero bag. Love the olive green color but the leather is a little thin for me.

    I bought a bunch of Sigrid Olsen Wallets. I got small ones in black, brown and lime green and large ones in black, red, chocolate brown and light brown!

    I'm going back out today to see what else I can find!

    I bought so many, I just made a web gallery of the photos. If you want to see them, click here:


  14. OH My gosh Photomj you totally got great stuff!!!! Does anyone know if the Dillards in Palmdale, CA carries higher end purses/wallets? I'm thinking of packing the kids and husband up for a drive to have a look, humm maybe I should call them first.
  15. Some haul photomj.....I love every wallet you bought. Were they 75% off?. I forgot to look at the wallets...must go back today!! BTW, you didn't find the Kooba at Dillards, did you? Although we have four Dillards within a reasonable distance of my primary residence, three of those stores have limited quantities and brands. I might be wrong, but I believe that our Southpark store is the only one that carries the designer labels. Do you find that to be true where you live?

    Which Kate Landry bag is it that you consider to be huge? The blue quilted isn't ....or, at least not to me. The TreVero bag is quite big on me as I am only 5'2". Regarding their replenishing the stock every day....I haven't noticed them doing that here! Not fair!! Also, I haven't noticed any superb discounts on their Coach bags yet....but, I'm keeping my eyes open. My SA is going to call me when items I want are further discounted. She's so sweet!