Dillards extra 30% off!

  1. Through Sunday 1/28 the store has an extra 30% off any items on sale. Many marked down 75%. This does not include fine jewelry.:yes:
  2. Thank you !!! I m shopping the dresses now !!!!!
  3. thx! x
  4. do i print the coupon and take it to the store?
    or is the 30 percent already taken off merchandise?
  5. No, just go to the store and shop through the 28th,:smile:
  6. Here's the email I received. It appears that this sale applies to online purchases as well according to the ad. I didn't shop online because I had already gone into the store and purchased what I wanted.
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  7. I'm not familiar with Dillard's... I see a lot of sweaters by "Prive", I assume this is their own label. Anybody have experience with Prive cashmere sweaters? I am wondering what the quality is like...
  8. I'm unfamiliar with Dillards because they only have a couple stores in all of California. Looking at their website, I see they carry some interesting bags from Italian designers.
  9. I just got back got 2 dooney bourke bags and 1 coach great deals 55% of coach handbags