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  1. I don't know if anyone has posted these already, but there are some really cute gingham patterned bags on clearance right now. The satchels are $153.60 and the shoulder bags are $170

  2. I saw those. They are actually kind of cute, but I think they might be fabric bags. I'm trying to remember.
  3. Those are really cute for summer. I wish I had a Dillard's close by. They always have the best deals. I hope all is well GG [emoji4]
  4. Hey GG!! :wave: Thanks for the info; I haven't seen those. Hope all is well with you.
  5. Those are at the outlets. They are regular canvas fabric, not coated!
  6. Speaking of Dillard's exclusives...
    Has anyone seen the small Lexington shopper in the grey ostrich? Dooney.com and Dillard's has it for $228. I saw it on Amazon for $169. Oh so tempted!
  7. Very cute and summery!
  8. SZ: I haven't seen the grey ostrich in the small Lexington, but I do have it in a different style. I love the Dooney ostrich embossed leather and the grey is very pretty. Sometimes the ostrich goes on sale at the Dooney outlets, so it's worth a call to see what they have, at what price, and if it's a shippable style and color.
  9. I am pretty sure I saw it at the Clinton, CT outlet. Give them a call. They will let you know if there and if shippable.

  10. I think I saw the grey at the Aurora IL outlet yesterday but I can't remember exactly. I believe they are 50% off I think? The grey with black trim is so pretty!

  11. You can call any outlet. If a bag is shippable, it doesn't matter if you are across the country or in the same state as the outlet. I live in NY and often call the Seattle Dooney outlet. Samantha A. is the sales associate who helps me and she is great to work with over the phone.
  12. Thanks everyone! We happened to be heading past the outlet on our way to a wedding yesterday so we planned a stop. It was there and it was 50% off! My husband bought it for me for my birthday! I have a month and a half before I can open it, but I wanted it for fall anyway. I'm so excited!
  13. SZ: congratulation. Enjoy your new handbag. Did you get the small Lexington shopper in grey ostrich?
  14. Yes! I just love the ostrich print leather and the grey is going to be so nice. When I was "examining" it at the outlet store I found it was much larger than I first thought. Of course my husband is a big tease and won't even let me look at it let alone unwrap it from all the plastic it was in when it came from the outlet.

    Now a question for everyone. I'm going to need a new coat for this winter. Would you buy one to somewhat match the bag or would you get one in a different color to make the bag stand out?
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