Dillards deals

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  1. I went to Dillards today to see if anything cought my eye in the extra 40% off sale. I scored the poppy for $86 and the alexandra for $125.

    Is the poppy too young for me? I just turned 30...

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  2. great bags love them both
    rock that bag girl age is just a #
  3. Wow, great deals!No the Poppy is not too young for you! I have an older style glam tote in khaki/gold and I will be 41 in October:smile: I where what I want and could care less what other's say!!!!Those are nice bags, enjoy!
  4. Thanks!

    I always carry black so now I have some color!!! My grandpa always says you are only as old/young as you feel!
  5. Awesome prices!! 30 is not too old for anything!

    I saw a lady with that poppy bag at the mall yesterday, it is so darn cute, a real eye catcher!

    Congrats on your buys
  6. love them! and no way you can wear poppy at 30!

  7. Thanks Dawn

    I ordered the black and pink poppy tote with PCE and the pocket came undone so I am still waiting for the replacement tote. With 3 kids I am realizing the totes are so much bigger and can hold a ton! I guess I am not used to such loud colors. I normally wear black.
  8. Amazing deals - and no you're not too old for the Poppy. If you like it, rock it!
  9. Like I said in another Thread..Being a Mom to 4 myself, I think the Glam Tote's are great Mom bags..They fit alot!I have stopped using mine since buying my small leather sophia, but I will always have my glam in my collection, it is a great go to bag!:smile:
  10. LOVE your bags. What is the style # on the alexandra please!

    And I personally LOVE the poppy totes. I am 29 and have 4 kids. I think they are a great go to bag and are funky fun!!

    GREAT buys!!
  11. I got a great deal at Dillard's today, too! I posted it in the Dillard's sale thread in the shopping section. I got a pair of Coach Astor heels for $15 :nuts: BTW, I'm 30 and I don't feel too old for Poppy.

  12. Congrats! That poppy is so cute and the alexandra is unique and love purple colors.
  13. I'm 35 and I wear Poppy! lol I just tend to go for the tamer stuff in the line but I was eyeing that tote on ebay today thinking how fun those colors are and how cute it would be for Spring/Summer. I always liked that pattern and with the gold it's so super cute!

    I really like both of those bags and how can you go wrong with those deals?? Congrats!
  14. HOLY cow!! What a deal! Those are CUUUUTE!
  15. OMG i saw the dillards thread and went to my Dillards this morning and was looking for the Alexandra (my friend really wanted it) but once i got there it was already gone! but i did score a bag for myself that i've been eyeing. i love when they have deals! i went with a friend later today and the counter was so full! i've never seen so many women argue about what bag they're getting