Dillards & COACH. . .?

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  1. Does Dillards have a discount off the retail of the COACH they sell? Everytime I go either I'm always to shy to ask or theres no one behind the counter. Thanks in advance guys!
  2. i'm not sure if i'm understanding you right...it's late, i'm slow, please forgive me.

    their bags aren't priced at discount...they charge the same amount as in store/online. but usually places like dillards/macys will have some different styles not sold in stores.

    they will have discounts/sales, though...usually the previous season's bags will go on sale. our macy's does this as well.
  3. lol Sorry for my crappy wording :/ I must be sleepy. Thank you, you answered my question perfectly! I was wondering if they charged the same price as the actual store/website or not.
  4. Yes they do at times. Even macy's has Coach bags on sale at times and it's usually 20~30% off. Coach store doesn't have bags on sale but they do have shoes on sale up to 50% once they decide to have new items for the upcoming season. I know this for a fact b/c I buy coach shoes every summer! But yes, department stores do have coach bags on sale.
  5. Thank you Sunny! If I'm lucky, I'll catch a sale sometime soon, lol.
  6. I find in the department stores if you ask about the Coach accessories ie some times the bags are on a table but you don't see any sale accessories

    they are happy to show you esp bcuz they're not making a lot they appreciate others trying to get a good deal
  7. Yeah, I saw a duffle on sale this weekend at my Dillards but couldn't get it (spent too much as it is). Plus I didn't like their snotty attitude. So I'll just go to Macy's or get one online. :P
  8. When I went to macy's the girl at the counter also let me know you get 15% off your first purchase if you get the Macy's credit card and use that to buy. So that might also help someone out!
  9. I didn't know that about Dillards! So they're like how Department stores are as opposed to TJMaxx and Marshalls eh? I've never been to one so I always thought they were like TJMaxx or Marshalls.
  10. Yeah, they're like Macy's, Bloomingdales, etc.
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