Dillards Bargain!!!

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  1. I went to Dillards on a whim yesterday and found this beauty for a mere $63!! I love the size and the cross body style and although I am not usually drawn to signature fabrics, the silver hardware and price sealed the deal for me.

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  2. Damn! Now that's a score!
  3. Awesome score..
  4. Beautiful! Great find!
  5. Score! Congratulations and enjoy! Seeing all of the great Coach and DB deals from Dillards makes me wish I had one that was close by.
  6. Damn girl! I always look on Dillards online ...but never see as good a deal as others have found. Is it only in store that you can find these deals? Don't have a Dillards near me..,don't think they r in Jersey.
  7. Forgot to say...Pretty bag! Enjoy ! You can't get a Coach wallet for that price! SWEET!
  8. They also had a red mini tanner for about the same price that I talked a shopper into buying. All of the other stuff had been picked over.
  9. Wow! Great deal and she's pretty.
  10. Me too! I am always online looking too! I think it must be in store only!

    Congrats...very pretty bag and great price. Perfect for spring!
  11. That is a bargain!!! And such a cute bag...love the Madeline! Enjoy!
  12. Wow! Great deal! Enjoy your Madeline.:smile:
  13. Whoa, what a price...awesome find!
  14. Great deal! Congrats!
  15. :woohoo: