Dillards bag sale...?

  1. Is anyone else getting excited about the Dillards handbag trade in??? :yahoo: I have some super old purses that i can bear parting with...wohoooooo!

    Is it everywhere?? what are you guys planning on getting?? Id LOVE to know!!! Im planning on picking up a few gifts for graduation, birthday and goodbye dont miss me too much presents! hehe but i have NO idea which ones!!!!

    oh yeah...i tried searching for this thread, and didnt find one...if there is one please let me know and ill try to link to it (i can do that right? hehe)
  2. never heard of it...?

    care to elaborate?
  3. yea i would love to know what this is all about (although i have no idea where there is a dillards :smile: but i would love to know what this is you speak of it sounds fabulous :smile: DETAILS!?
  4. SURE! hehe sorry ive never participated, but super excited to this year!

    It's actually pretty cool, you give dillards a hand bag in pretty good shape, dillards donates the bag to a local charity and you get a pretty nice discount off a bag!! I think the discount works like this...

    If the new bag you buy costs $50 to $75 you save $15;
    $76 to $125 you save $25;
    $126 to 199 you save $40; a
    nd $200 or more you save $50.
  5. Wow that's awesome! I wonder if all Dillards stores are participating in this or just select ones?
  6. i seriously hope all of them are!!!! it sounds like SUCH a good idea!!! a TOTAL win-win situation!!! hehehe and my dillards ussally has a pretty good selection of coach's so im SOOOOO VERY EXCITED!!!!! :smile: wohoooooooo!!!!!
  7. The dillards SA told me that people will go buy a clutch from Claires for $5.00 - trade it in, get $50 off a new Coach!!
  8. I think the F&F at Macy's is a better deal though.
  9. SO, what kind of bag does it need to be - does it need to be a certain value (original retail price)?? LIke - do you need to bring in a Coach bag to get $$ off of a Coach bag? How will THEY know what the original retail price was? I'm confused as to how this works. And...can you bring in MORE than one bag and get MORE credit??
  10. We had something like this at the Bon Ton... unfortuantly we don't have any coach so I didn't find anything I wanted...
  11. Do you have to do anything special for the F&F sale?? Is that only for select ppl or how does it work?? I don't usually shop there, but maybe to pick up a Mother's Day gift...

    This sounds like a neat idea!! I don't think we have Dillard's stores up here though. :sad:
  12. No, bags, just need the coupon, or the code to shop online =).
    Did you miss the thread?

    On topic,
    I found this: http://blogs.chron.com/shopgirl/archives/2007/04/tired_of_your_c.html
    I can't wait to call my Dillard's and see if they participate.
    Thank you for posting this thread luvednotspoiled, I've never heard of this before.
  13. What's the code for online?
  14. Originally Posted by court811 [​IMG]
    me too!! we had a really fun wedding, everyone came down and partied for like 4 days, it's so fun there!!

    so far, these are the codes I've seen for F&F on tpf and another board I read on, not TPF

    I'll try to update this as new ones come in, this way you can just try them all until one works. How's that?
  15. dillards doesn't give online codes

    and I saw some of you asking about dillards, it is mostly a company in the southern states (there are of course some exceptions)

    also, the bag that you go to trade just has to be in good condition, that's it.