Dillard's addt'l 50% off New Year's Day sale?

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  1. Has anyone heard if Dillard's is doing their annual New Year's Day sale, additional 50% off clearance items? We picked up some awesome deals last year!
  2. I was wondering the same thing myself. If anyone knows, please post a reply!
  3. That would be great! I hope someone knows.
  4. Deja vu...I was just thinking this in the shower this morning. I got SO many things last time for work.
  5. I was at Dillards earlier today and the sales person I always go to told me that they would be having an additional 50% off on New Years Day.
  6. woo hoo!!!:yahoo:
  7. I had a great day shopping at Dillards last January 1st. Glad to hear they will be having a sale this year.
  8. Me too....I am planning the entire day around it!!! There are at least 3 Dillards stores within a 15mile radius.
  9. My mother in law works there and says that they are having the sale on New Year's Day!!! I can't wait.
  10. Thanks for the info ladies!
  11. Is it going to be their regular hours or will they open early?
  12. I believe they'll open at 10 am
  13. yes
  14. Some open at 9!