Dillards ~ Add'l 30% Off Permanent Markdowns* Wednesday, Jan. 28th-Sunday, Feb. 1st

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. Nayone has idea for the discount for coach and Cole Haan there? Thank you so much.

  3. I often see both Coach and Cole Haan bags and shoes on sale at Dillards. My recommendations would be to go to your local Dillards tomorrow and be there when they open their doors! That's what I HOPE to do!!
  4. Do you think the price will be like after New Year sale? Since at that time, it was extra 50% off? Has the price been drop again? Thank you so much. I don't usually go to Dillards.
  5. My assumption is that they have had further markdowns since their add'l 50% off sale on 12/31. That would certainly increase the number of items you have to choose from. They may have also increased the discount on many items...those that had been only 30% off might now be 50% or 66% off. One never knows what Dillards sales are going to be like, however I've notice an appreciable difference just in the past year.
  6. Thanks for the heads up! The NYD sale was a blast. I wonder if this starts online midnight tonight then?
  7. Can't wait!! Thanks so much!!
  8. i only had 30 minutes in store to shop during the after new year sale...this makes me soo happy, if i have time i will definitely go check it out, thanks!
  9. I can't get to a Dillards until Thursday! Blahh!
  10. It started today for cardholders. The discount will reflect after you put in your card info.

    My Dillards had the COACH clearance counters already cleared out.
  11. OOh I used to work at Dillards in the Coach section. With my discount and this addtl 30% I used to get some awesome deals on all kinds of stuff. I could hide the bags I wanted.

    Also, every time there was a 30% off, somehow there would be sellers on ebay that would find out about it ahead of time like a couple weeks (the managers in the store didnt even know that much ahead of time). They would call first thing in the morning (usually from another state) and order every bit of Coach we had on sale, even the shoes! I would have literally huge garbage bags full of stuff I had to ship. We would be totally wiped out. People would come in and get soooo pissed b/c we had nothing left. So if theres no Coach left, now you know why.
  12. Eighteen years ago, I worked at Dillards on weekends and so remember how we used to hide things until they were reduced to 66% off! I know that was not a nice thing to do, but even the managers did it and encouraged us to!! As for the Ebay sellers, I see them every single time Dillards has a sale like this. When they had their last 50% off sale, I saw a lady being escorted to her car by three employees each pulling these flatbed carts FULL of merchandise. I mean...it's kinda obvious....who buys 100 pairs of shoes for themselves?? And you're right about the handbags...especially Coach. They snatch them up in seconds flat!! :yes:
  13. I'm so glad I found this, i missed the last sale and was annoyed. Def going tomm to see if I can find anything good.
  14. After having just looked through what was on sale online, I would again recommend going into the store. TBH, I didn't see much on sale online and know from prior experience that the in-store sale should be fabulous.