Dillard's 25% off Coach

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  1. This morning I walked through my local Dillards and they have 25% off Coach bags (Estero, Fl).
  2. I just got back from Florida yesterday, went to the Miromar outlet mall, I didn't even see the Dillard's there. I was disappointed with the Coach store there too :sad:
  3. I hope you enjoyed Florida overall. Dillard's is at the Coconut Point Mall, about 5 miles from Miromar (south). I agree about the Miromar Coach outlet, not the greatest, but I did get a gray quartz Phoebe there a couple of weeks ago.
  4. Yes, a great week to hang out at the house, it was 29..30 celcius (hot for us Canadians), the pool was 100 F, kinda like a hot tub..lol. I loved Bealls, Macy's the most I think (in Punta Gorda near the Olive Garden I believe), didn't get to Coconut Pointe, but there will be plenty more trips to Florida, so next time I will check it out! Its soooo unfair how cheap clothing and food is there. Dinner for 4 people at the Cracker Barrel was $ 42, I spend $ 30 or more just for lunch at McD's and only 2 kids / 1 adult. My 15 year old makes me spend $ 35-45 on DC or Vans t-shirts, they were $ 2.97 at JC Penny. I'd be one of the best dressed ladies in southwest Florida if I lived there. I can get a complete outfit , with shoes for under $ 100, I spend $ 100 just on one pair of shoes in town where I live…very sad!
  5. The sale at Dillard's in Estero (Coconut Point) has now ended.