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  1. Well, I had myself down for a rouille/paprika day. It was going to be my first bbag, but after seeing the pic that was shown on here, I am disappointed in the color. The day bag is the bag I think would be the perfect style for me. I have the opportunity to get a first in a past-season color I LOVE! I'm a bit worried about the size, though I love the style. I tend to carry larger bags, though I have smaller ones as well. I am still planning to get a day in violet (crossing my fingers), so do you guys think I should give the first a shot or wait and find a day (or some other style) that I love?
  2. :confused1:
    Well there are a couple of variables...is the First you can get a coveted bag so you will not have any trouble selling it if you don't like it, or purchased from a store with a good refund policy? If you will have no problem selling or returning it than I would say go for it. However, the First is small and for a small bag that is not too small I prefer the Box style. But since the Box is discontinued and not made for very long, I have a couple of Firsts myself. I can get my large LV PTI wallet, a paperback book (I am a book reviewer, so I never leave home without one), a medium size brush, and a small make up bag, with a tiny bit of room to spare. If you have been strictly a medium to large bag gal, I think the First might be a shock for you. Maybe you should wait until you have at least one larger Bbag before you get a small one that you will only use occasionally. Have you checked out the thread with photos of pf-ers wearing their bags? I can add a photo of First's next to other bags if you want, but I do not have any photos with a Day and First in them.
  3. I'd say wait for an ideal bag :yes: I've learned my lesson on settling and having to go through the hassels of returns and selling.

    IMHO though... the First is a bit small for everyday. I carry med to large bags.
  4. Wait, did someone post a picture of paprika? I want to see!
  5. I have the rouille day, and I love her, she is gorgeous....


    Whats not to love? :heart:
  6. oh Fred&Ginger gorg bag! Uh-oh do I need that now too! I am going to go broke.

    Stay with what you original wanted I don't think you can go wrong.
  7. Great advice! I agree with this 1000% I was completely shocked at how tiny the First was when I purchased one. I'd wait for the Day if I were you.

    F&G, your Rouille Day is gorgy!
  8. I normally carry larger bags - have both Mulberry and Miu Miu's that are huge... The First was my first Bbag - now I have two and I carry them all the time... do not let the size scare you - it actually carries a lot...

    Well, that is just my experience... I want more first's... But looking forward to the city as well (p.s. the Day did not work for me.. I want the Courier in stead..)